Join Me For A PASS Summit Pre-Con

Join Me For A PASS Summit Pre-Con 

I am very excited to announce I will be delivering a pre-conference session on SQL Server Performance Tuning on November 5 at PASS Summit 2019. If you have ever attended one of my sessions, you know how passionate I am about this particular topic. So, you also know how very excited I am to have this opportunity to spend a full day talking about SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization.
Performance Tuning is one of my favorite things to do with SQL Server. There is nothing like seeing performance improvements in an environment as your reward for your hard work. It’s tangible and gratifying. In this session, you will be guaranteed to walk away with a list of items to evaluate in your environments and ways you can resolve common issues.

What is the PASS Summit?

According to PASS, it’s “Interactive training on the latest technologies and spotlights on hot topics such as security, cloud, and AI which will be led by the best data minds in the industry”.

To me, it’s a 5-day convention that brings geeks together to celebrate and learn from each other. It’s networking, learning, mind melds, fun, inspiration, and renewal.

What’s a Pre-Con?

Preconference learning opportunities offer a deep dive into new skills and knowledge before the conference officially begins. These highly interactive sessions will help you build expertise and develop the skills that you can immediately put to work in your organization. The all-day timeframe lets speakers deliver topics in greater detail, showcasing more demos and answering more of your questions than in a normal session.

SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization Abstract

Do your users complain about slow reports? Are your database servers overwhelmed during times of high usage? Every SQL Server environment can benefit from performance tuning whether your environment has one server or thousands. In this full-day session, you will learn about how to identify problems using a wide variety of tools and scripts and how to implement best practices across your environment. Additionally, you will learn how to begin reading execution plans and how to tune queries to improve your performance within SQL Server. You will walk away with a list of items to evaluate in your environments and ways to resolve common issues. This session will guide you through real-life performance problems which can be solved by best practices and practical skills. Taught on a level anyone can understand, this session will focus on Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and forward.

You will also learn about maintenance activities and how they affect your server’s overall performance, and how to identify when your infrastructure is affecting your performance. Lastly, we will cover the newest performance enhancements coming with the latest release, SQL Server 2019. You’ll leave this demo-filled session better prepared to tackle many issues that can plague SQL Server performance along with the knowledge of how to resolve them.

How to Attend

You can register here and using the discount code below you can save $150 on your conference admission.

Join Me For A PASS Summit Pre-Con 

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