Key Influencer Visuals In Power BI


The Power BI February 2019 version introduced some visuals that make excellent use of machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. Key Influencers is the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered visualization of Power BI.The key influencer has visual assists which help understanding the components that drive KPIs. When a metric that we need to examine is chosen, the key influencer view explores what is the most  important in driving that measurement. This perception utilizes AI under the hood to examine information and give intriguing bits of knowledge about the key drivers affecting the metric that we need to investigate. The fundamental bit of leeway of this visual is, it allows us to break down a measurement from different viewpoints, without the need of keeping any influencer(s) steady.
In later versions of power bi you need to enable this feature. Go to option and setting - Globe-Preview feature - and check the ‘key influencers visual" option.
Key Influencer Visuals In Power BI 
But in the latest version, you can get the key influencer in visualization panel.
Key Influencer Visuals In Power BI 

Loading Data

To show, how key influencer works I am loading an excel sheet. Excel data is shown in the below image.
Key Influencer Visuals In Power BI 
This excel sheet contains costs (in $), 4 significant C's (Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity) and different credits of practically 50k round formed jewels. Clearness gives an estimation of how clear the jewel is constantly arranged like I1 (most noticeably terrible), SI2, SI1, VS2, VS1, VVS2, VVS1, IF (best) in this dataset.
Precious stones are evaluated into cuts like Ideal, Premium, Very Good, Good, and Fair, and the carat part speaks to how much a jewel really gauges. A review of information is shown underneath for a brief reference.
Key Influencer Visuals In Power BI 

Use Key Influencers

Go to visualization panel and click on key influencer visual and select column according to your report. See the below image
Key Influencer Visuals In Power BI 
There are two tabs 1. Key influencer that shows in above image and 2. Top segment
To show the top segment go to Format tab and click on analysis and enable segment on.
Key Influencer Visuals In Power BI 

Limitations of key influencers

There are some limitations of key influencer visual that you need to know. Below are these limitations
  • It doesn't uphold analysis of metrics that are Measures/Aggregates.
  • This visual can't be utilized in Power BI Embedded and Power BI portable applications.
  • Line Level Security uphold, Direct Query uphold and Live Connection Support are presently inaccessible.


I hope you understand the key influencer visual and how it works. This visualization makes use of machine learning under the hood to analyze data and provide interesting insights about the key drivers impacting the metric that we want to analyze. The main advantage of this visual is, it allows us to analyze a metric from various perspectives, without the need of keeping any influencer(s) constant.