I have said to engineers until I am blue in the face that management, for the most part, does not care about code quality or code/ application performance. They just want to “ship it” and get their bonuses! They do not care about unit testing and so much more, so it is up to you to push it for your team. But you, being the developer, will be left holding the bag if something goes wrong, not management that could lead to you losing your job. Even worse, when major changes must be made that causes you to a lot of re-writing of the code, management will get upset that it is taking so long. Therefore, proper architecture standards are so important.

Keynote: 7 Important Requirements for Any Successful Project - Code Quality &amp...
Jun 21 2021

C# Corner Live

This is the Keynote session in Code Quality & Performance Virtual Conference and about 7 Important Requirements for Any Successful Project