Kickstart To Sharepoint And Access A Free Trial


This article will help you to make sense about SharePoint and how to get a free subscription to work on it on a temporary basis. Follow my future articles to have a detailed idea about SharePoint. Here I will be starting from scratch.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint – Let's define SharePoint by splitting this word as Share – Point,

  • Share – Data
  • Point – from a terminal
So SharePoint is nothing but we will be sharing some data from one point to all other devices to work with it or to do any sort of manipulations with it. SharePoint is a Web Application software of Microsoft. This SharePoint is available on both ways as On-Premise and Office 365 on Cloud. Here data can be of any type; i.e., document, image, video, etc.,

SharePoint with On-Premise means sharing is in full control of us and is installed in our office environment. It includes everything like your Hardware, Operating Systems, Backup, maintenance, scalability, etc., are taken by an IT guy who is there at the office and who looks after it.

SharePoint with Office 365 – this means a subscription-based plan that is provided by Microsoft. Office 365 program will help you to access subscription based programs on SharePoint services. Here Microsoft takes full responsibility of backup, maintenance, scalability, etc.,

This comparison will help you to make sense about whether to go with SharePoint by On – Premise or Office 365.

SharePoint with Office 365 SharePoint with On-Premise
Set-up cost is less as it is on a monthly basis. Huge money is involved as we have to buy all products on our own.
If you don’t like a product you can remove the subscription. Once the product is bought you cannot remove it as everything is paid on a one time basis.
Just buy the software that you need alone. Buy all software.
Advanced version of software can be accessed by monthly subscription itself. Have to pay on your own for a new version product.

Office 365 will help you to learn SharePoint quickly and we can access a free trial of it so we will be going with SharePoint on Cloud using Office 365 in this demo.

What is Office 365?

It’s a cloud platform where all the office products are available at the cloud hosted by Microsoft so that we users can just go there and buy the product using a monthly subscription.

Follow the below steps to get SharePoint trial to be accessed for onemonth free of cost.


  1. Web Browser with Internet Connectivity
  2. Valid credit or debit card (no money will be taken from your account for the first month of usage)

Step 1: Go to and click on Try 1-month free,


Step 2: Enter your Microsoft account (outlook/Hotmail/live ID) credentials to login,


Step 3: Enter your payment details with your valid credit or debit card.

Note: Just Rs.2.00 will be debited from your account during this purchase.


Step 4: Once after the payment is done you will be redirected towards Here comes your Office 365 Home Page. Youy can find all the products of Microsoft Office over here.

Click on Admin option,


This admin center allows you to administrate your complete Office 365 subscription.


Step 5: Click on SharePoint under Admin menu at the right column pane, this will help you to access the SharePoint,


This will take me to the site where I have registered for the SharePoint.

In my case this is my SharePoint address - You can find the site collections over here.


Follow my next articles to work with SharePoint on Office 365.