Learn About Microsoft Azure Components

Microsoft Azure Components

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service designed and curated by Microsoft. Microsoft had announced Microsoft Azure in 2008 whereas released it formally in October 2010. Before March 2014, Microsoft Azure was known as Windows Azure. It was created for building, testing, and managing applications and services through data centers managed by Microsoft. Azure provides various services to its consumers such as,
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
It also supports different programming languages, tools, frameworks, and Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems. Azure is the biggest cloud vending service by revenue.
Following are the components offered by Microsoft Azure,
Microsoft Azure – Components
Arranging the services would assist the consumers with understanding Azure in a better way. These classes are named 'components' in this article. The Individual segments are clarified with point by point in the ensuing parts.

Compute / Execution Models

This is the interface for executing the application, which is one of the essential elements of Azure. There are various models, for example, Web App, Virtual Machine, Mobile Service, Cloud Service, and Batch Service. These models can be utilized either independently or in a mix according to the prerequisite.
Below are some commonly used Compute options,
Virtual Machines(VM's)
It is IaaS administrations which permit making virtual machine as indicated by the equipment prerequisite and working framework necessity. VM can be gotten to publically or just permitted in VNet. VM's can be made utilizing Azure CLI, PowerShell and Azure entry.
VM Scale Set
This proposals to arrange and make a large number of VM's with comparative setup in no time.
Azure App Service
This assistance offers a large group of web applications, Rest API, or versatile backend administration. This assistance powers applications with sky blue highlights like versatility, security, and so forth
Azure Functions
This help offers an answer for run a little usefulness by conveying a piece of code. This is utilized for code reusability for example convey once and utilize on various occasions. Purplish blue capacities work regardless of utilization, to play out a specific errand.
Azure Batch Service
Azure bunch administration are group occupations rush to perform enormous scope calculation task. These positions deal with a pool of assets (for example virtual machines) and introduce the application required and run occupations on hubs. Along these lines, group occupations are fundamentally utilized as a stage to construct application required huge scope calculation.
Learn About Microsoft Azure Components

Data Management

Data Management can be possible by utilizing SQL server Database segment or the basic information and data storage or stockpiling module offered by Windows Azure. SQL Server database can be utilized for relational information database. The storage module can store unrelated tables (without the foreign key or any connection) and blobs. Blobs comprehend binary information data for the type of pictures, sound, video, and text documents.
Below are some mostly commonly used databases of Azure services,
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Cosmos DB is a completely managed NoSQL database service for modern app development. Comos DB is a database service that is globally distributed. It enables you to manage your data even if you keep them in data centers that are scattered everywhere in the world.
Azure SQL Database
Microsoft Azure SQL Database is a reliable and secure relational database-as-a-service, that gives a high performance without having to worry about any infrastructure.
It supports relational, JSON, XML, and spatial data structures.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database has three deployment options,
  • Single database
  • Elastic pool
  • Managed instances
SQL Database
Azure also support SQL database to connect your on-premises data.
Learn About Microsoft Azure Components


Azure traffic administrator directs the solicitations of a user  to an accessible datacenter. The interaction includes finding the closest datacenter to the client who asks for a web application, and if the closest datacenter isn't accessible, the traffic administrator diverts the solicitation to another datacenter. Be that as it may, rules are set by the proprietor of the application concerning how a traffic administrator ought to act.
Learn About Microsoft Azure Components
The virtual network is another element that is important for systems networking in administrations offered by Windows Azure. The virtual network permits a network between local machines at your  virtual machine in Azure Datacenter.  The virtual network is set up utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) gadget.

Big Data and Big Compute

The huge measure of data can be put away, stored, and overseen utilizing Windows Azure. Azure offers HDInsight which is Hadoop-based assistance. Associations regularly need to oversee enormous measures of data which is fundamentally not relational data set management. Hadoop is a noticeable technology utilized nowadays. In this manner, Azure offers Hadoop service on their foundation for customers.
The term 'Big Compute' alludes to high-performing computations. This is accomplished by executing code on numerous machines simultaneously.


Windows Azure offers two alternatives for dealing with the interactions between two applications. One of the applications comes under the storage segment of the service and is called 'Message Queues'. The other one falls under the application service and is called 'Service Bus'. The messages can be sent off for starting correspondence and communication among various segments of an application or among various applications utilizing these two choices.


Microsoft Azure offers two sorts of reserving which are in-memory Caching and Content Delivery Network (CDN). CDN is utilized to store the blob data that will be gotten to quicker by clients around the globe.

Identity and Access

The component of Identity and access is all about the management of clients, authentication, and approval. The active directory stores the data of clients coming to the application and furthermore the company’s data. It can synchronize with the related data on local machines living on-premises. Multifaceted Access (MFA) service is worked to address the security concerns, for example, only the correct client can get to the application.
The most popular Identity of azure is Azure active directory.
Azure Active Directory
It is Microsoft’s multi-tenant, cloud-based directory and identity management service. Azure AD helps employees sign up to multiple services and access them anywhere over the cloud with a single set of login credentials.
Azure AD B2C
It is also an identity management services that enables custom control for sign up, sign in, and manage customer's profiles when using iOS, Android, . NET, single-page (SPA), and other applications.
Learn About Microsoft Azure Components

Mobile Service

Windows Azure offers an exceptionally simple stage to create a versatile mobile application. You can begin utilizing mobile advancement apparatuses and development tools in the wake of signing into your account. You don't need to compose large custom codes for the mobile application on the off chance that you utilize this service. The message can be sent through push notification, data can be stored and clients can be confirmed in much less time.


The site recovery service reproduces the data at the auxiliary area just as it computerizes the interaction of recovery of data if there should be an occurrence of a data outage. . Data is put away in an encoded mode in both the cases. Windows Azure offers an exceptionally successful and dependable backup service to customers and guarantees they don't confront an obstacle  if there should arise an occurrence of hardware failures.


This assistance delivers various concerns identified with transferring media and making it accessible to end clients without any problem. Clients can oversee undertakings identified with the media like encoding, ad insertion, streaming, and so on without any problem.


Windows Azure offers the chance to clients to purchase or sell applications and data through their foundation. The applications are placed in the commercial center or Azure store from where they can be accessed and purchased by different clients.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Azure applications can be produced by the developers in various programming languages. Microsoft currently provides language-specific SDKs for Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, and Python. There is also a general Windows Azure SDK that supports language, such as C++.