Learn to Receive Messages from Service Bus Queue to Postman


This article demonstrates how to Configure the Permissions to Azure Service Bus to receive messages using Postman by Authorization. This article starts with an introduction to configuring the permission to service Bus. After that, it demonstrates how to receive the message from Postman. 

Configure Permissions to Service Bus

  • Open the Service Bus.
    Service bus postman
  • Select the existing Service Bus.
    Service bus postman
  • Navigate to Access Control (IAM).
  • Click on the role assignment to add the role.
    Add role
  • Select “Azure Service Bus Data receiver” from the Search by role and click Next.
    SB Data recieved
  • Click on +Select members, select your App registration, and click on Select.
    App registration
  • Click on Review + Assign.
  • Go to Role Assignment and check whether the role is assigned or not.
    Check the role assigned or not

Configure Postman to Send Message

  • Copy the queue URL and Append “/messages/head”
    Queue URL
  • Add Headers as below
    • Authorization Bearer + Token
    • Content-Type :"application/atom+xml;type=entry;charset=utf-8”

Note. To Access the Token, Please refer to the article below: Get the Azure AD token by Using the Postman.

  • Click on the Send button, and you will see the Message and status as 201 Created.


In this article, I discussed how we can configure the roles to service bus and receive the messages using the Postman.