Generating PDF file of your business request is very common but an important need for end-users. Having PDF as the end result of the whole process makes it easier to share it with key users. In most of the business scenarios, sending invoices, tax receipts, tickets etc. as a PDF file is mandatory.

In this video, we will see how to generate a PDF file out of your PowerApps Form content using Microsoft FLOW and OneDrive actions. This is the way to print your form as well. With PDF file, you can easily print the form. Currently, there is no OOB function available to print forms properly in PowerApps.

Learning PowerApps Part 8 - Generate PDF, Print Form
Sep 19 2019

Sarvesh Shinde

In this video article, we will see how to generate a PDF file in PowerApps using Microsoft FLOW. This will help in printing PowerApps Forms.