Manage Connections In Microsoft Flow


Microsoft Flow is designed to connect the different services in an easier way by creating automated tasks or workflows. To get started with Microsoft Flow, go through my previous article:

To connect the different services in Microsoft Flow, we should establish the connection to that appropriate service. And the connections can be managed from "My connections page". Below are the steps to manage the connections in Flow.

Create a new Connection

Follow the below steps to create a new connection,
  1. Navigate to Microsoft Flow site

  2. Sign in to Microsoft Flow

  3. Click User Info image, My Connections to navigate to My connections page,

  4. View all available connections created for the current user in My Connections page.

  5. Click “Add a connection” button redirect us to “Available Connections” page,

  6. Clicking any one of the service from available services opens an authenticate page in popup. 

  7. Provide credentials in secured popup page and click Sign in to store the connection in Microsoft Flow.

  8. If the service is successfully connected the service with “Connected” status is viewable in My Connections page.

  9. If the service has some problem with connecting to the service, appropriate status is updated to the service in “My Connections” page.

  10. In below example screenshot, there is a problem in connecting to the OneDrive for Business. And connection status shows as “Can’t sign in. Update password”.

View Connection details

To View the connection details, follow the below steps,
  1. Navigate to Microsoft Flow site.

  2. Sign in to Microsoft Flow.

  3. Click User Info image, My Connections to navigate to My Connections page.

  4. Select any connected service or click on to view the details about the connection.

Delete a connection

To delete the any connection created in Microsoft Flow, follow the below steps,
  1. Navigate to Microsoft Flow site
  2. Sign in to Microsoft Flow
  3. Click User Info image, "My Connections" to navigate to My Connections page
  4. Click icon opens a popup and click ok to delete the connection from Flow.
  5. Alternate method: Navigate the Connection details and click “Delete Connection” and OK in alert message to delete the connection.

  6. After deletion, connection will be removed from Microsoft Flow and if the connections associated to flows will not work afterwards.
Available Services

At present, Microsoft Flow provides the connection options to below services. So we can establish the connections to below service for now.
  1. AzureBlob
  2. Box
  3. Dropbox
  4. Dynamics CRM Online
  5. Facebook
  6. FTP
  7. GitHub
  8. Google Drive
  9. Instagram
  10. MailChimp
  11. Mandrill
  12. Microsoft Translator
  13. Office 365 Outlook
  14. Office 365 Users
  15. Office 365 Video
  16. OneDrive
  17. OneDrive for Business
  19. Project Online
  20. RSS
  21. Salesforce
  22. SendGrid
  23. Service Bus
  24. SFTP
  25. SharePoint Online
  26. Slack
  27. SMTP
  28. SQL Azure
  29. Trello
  30. Twilio
  31. Twitter
  32. Wunderlist
  33. Yammer

In future, we may get additional services available from Microsoft Flow to connect multiple services.


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