Managing Site Collection Administrators In Office 365 SharePoint Site

In SharePoint On-Premise as well as SharePoint Online (Office 365) the administrator permissions play a vital role for the security abstract. Following are the main roles in SharePoint Online administration. Here, we are going to share how to add and remove Primary site collection administrator and Site Collection administrators in Office 365 SharePoint site. The steps are given below.

  1. Let’s go to Office 365. Sign in page to login.

  1. Click on Admin icon to navigate Office 365 admin center page. In this admin center, at left Navigation, click on Admin to choose SharePoint.

  1. In this SharePoint Admin center, you will be able to see all the created site collections. Select the site collection in which you want to add an administrator and click the check box.

  1. Once you click on check box, now to add/remove administrator, see on top navigation. Click on Owners tab to manage Administrators. Here, you can change the primary site collection administrator and also manage the list of thenrest of site collections. Click to Manage Administrators.

  1. The pop up shows primary site collection administrator and site collection administrators. For primary administrator, only one user login can be provided and you can enter the users separated by semicolons to site collection administrators.

  1. You can change the user's name by clicking on the Browser icon or directly check the name as well.

  1. Click on Browser tab, select people and groups popup will display. Find the user name, which will display in the box. Add it and click OK.

  1. These are the steps, where we can add or remove the user as Primary site collection administrator and site collection administrators.