Mapping Output Cache Profile In SharePoint Page Layout

In this article, I would like to share the steps to Map the output cache profile for page layout in SharePoint. In the last article, we saw Enable Output Cache Settings in SharePoint Online.

Purpose of Output Cache

  • Using Output Cache settings, we can improve the page performance in SharePoint Online.
  • Faster page load and better user experience.
  • Page output cache settings can be configured at the site collection level, the site level, and for individual page layouts.
  • It reduces the server control activities and calls to the database

Steps to map the output cache profile

Follow the below-listed steps.

Step 1

Open the SharePoint site on your browser.


Step 2

Then, go to the Site Settings page by clicking the gear icon on the site.


Step 3

On the site settings page, you can see the “Master pages and layouts” under web designer galleries category.


Step 4

On the “Master Page Gallery”, select the page layout on which you want to map the output cache profile.


Step 5

Then, edit the properties of the page layout from the top ribbon bar, as shown below.


Step 6

When you click on the "Edit Properties", it will open the edit form; scroll down the form and you can see the Cache Profile properties.


Step 7

Then, select the cache profile on the edit form and click on “Save” button to map the profile.


Step 8

Finally, publish the page layout from the top ribbon bar. Your changes will be reflected on the page which you created from this page layout.



In this article, we have explored how to map the output cache profile in SharePoint Page layout.