Microsoft Ignite 2021 Precap - Fall - Power Platform Summary


In this article, you can precap all Important Ignite 2021 Announcements for Power Platform. I will cover Ignite Announcements for Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. So let's get started! If you want to visit the video for the same article, please visit my YouTube channel.

Ignite 2021 - November (Fall) Announcements for Power Apps

  1. New Licensing in Power Apps - Pay as you Go for Power Apps
  2. Power Apps – Standalone, Native app Mobile apps
  3. Collaborate while building apps 
  4. Open-source Power Fx: Low code everywhere
  5. Power Platform support for Codespaces
  6. Windows System for Linux support
  7. Simplifying the Microsoft Power Platform Custom Connector Creation from Azure API Management
  8. Microsoft Access Connector for Power Platform
  9. Microsoft Search Integration
  10. Embedded insights via Power BI
  11. Teams can collaborate in an app
  12. Work seamlessly with your data in Microsoft Teams
  13. Create Adaptative cards using Power Apps [Early 2022]
  14. Bring your own AI Models
  15. Extending collaboration to Pro Devs
  16. Conditional Access policies on individual apps
  17. Quarantine non-compliant apps
  18. General Availability (GA) of Power Apps portals support for Microsoft Power Platform CLI
  19.  Power Apps portals: Query data using portals Web API (public preview)
  20. Power Apps portals: Use code components on pages (Preview)


Ignite 2021 - November (Fall) Announcements for Power Automate

  1. Bring your own model to AI Builder (GA)
  2. Use AI in Power Apps with Power Fx (Preview)
  3. Image classification with Lobe (Preview)
  4. Form Processing Enhancement - Extract Information from Checkbox
  5. Form Processing Enhancement - Enhanced table tagging experience with new grid tagging
  6. AI Builder Starter Capacity
  7. Discover new Insights with Process Mining in Process Advisor
  8. Admin can create a new DLP Policy with desktop flow restriction

Ignite 2021 - November (Fall) Announcements for Power BI

  1. Improved Export to Excel Experience for Power BI Tables and Matrix
  2. Enhanced Data Culture with Connected PivotTables in Excel for the web
  3. More easily integrate goals into all your business processes
  4. Power BI App for Teams is Generally Available
  5. Power BI Premium Generation 2, now Generally Available
  6. Blazing fast performance with Hybrid tables
  7. Govern your data with Power BI + Azure Purview integration
  8. Manage sensitive data with Data Loss Prevention policies

Ignite 2021 - November (Fall) Announcements for Power Virtual Agents

  1. Office-like collaborative comments in Power Virtual Agents (preview)
  2. Build an all-in-one contact center
  3. MS Teams Updates with PVA
  4. Notify team users with proactive messages (public preview)
  5. Share bots with colleagues (generally available)
  6. @Mention bots in teams channels (Coming soon)

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