Monitor Activity From Your Phone By Flow App


This article will help you monitor the activity of your flow that you have created from the Flow App. Microsoft Flow apps for mobile are available in all platforms, like Windows, Android, and iOS.


  • Make sure, you have worked on my previous article on creating a Flow from template before getting on to this.
  • Click here to learn what is Microsoft Flow, how it could help you, and how to create a flow from template.

Links to download Microsoft Flow app for your Mobiles

  • Android: Click here for Microsoft Flow App in Android.
  • iOS: Click here for App Store of iPhone or iPad.

Follow the given steps now:

Step 1: Download Microsoft Flow for your respective device. Here, I will be working with iPhone. Click on your Flow App and Sign in with your Office 365 account which you have already used in the previous demo.

Click on Sign in after submitting your credentials, i.e., User ID and Password.

Sign in

Step 2: Here, you will be getting activity screen from where you can monitor the activity of what ever you have created in the Flow.

You have the following buttons on this screen:

Start adding flows

Start adding flows will help you add the Flow of whatever you created at your flow portal.


Activity at the below pane allows you to monitor the activity of the flow of whatever you have added.


My Flows

My Flows shows you the flows that you have created using the services from Microsoft Flow portal. Here, we have a Flow which we created in our previous demo using the Flow portal. Create a to-do item in Wunderlist for important mails.

This Flow will help you send a Push Notification on your mobile device whenever you receive an important mail on your Office 365 account. This Flow has been created using the template that was already available.

My Flows


Settings panel holds a Support option to know what is Flow. You can learn building a flow using the Learn option. Contact Support to get reference from the Support team in case of any issues. Send Feedback option is used for sending any feedback about the app. Suggest a feature is used to communicate across the flow community with your ideas.



We have other options also, like About the Flow App, version, license terms and third party notices along with Privacy. We will be discussing these features later in my upcoming articles.

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