Mortgage Calculator in C#

Mortgage Calculator is a C# Application developed for calculating the detailed monthly mortgage payments based on the loan amount, down payment, interest rate, mortgage duration. Mortgage Calculator gives a option to decide the down payment amount as a percentage of the loan amount or as the actual down payment amount.

The Mortgage Calculator gives a detailed break up of each month's payment in a grid pattern helping the user to get a good view of the payment details like existing balance, interest paid, principal paid and installment paid. The Calculator also displays the total installment paid and total principal paid at the bottom of the grid.

The Mortgage Calculator was constructed using a collection of components like Groupbox, TextBox, Panel, RadioButton, Label, ListView and Buttons. The "Calculate" button computes the monthly payment and builds the detailed view of the monthly break up. The "Show Details" opens ups detailed view of the monthly payment. It also works like a switch to hide and open up monthly details.

The numeric fields (Text boxes) prevents non-numeric entry. For building monthly details information a MonthlyDetail object is created for each month and loaded into a ArrayList ( Done in Function CalculatePayments). The elements in the ArrayList is processed to build the ListView(Done in buildTree), in this call the listview items and its associated subitems are created as required.