MQTT Vs AMQP - A Basic Comparison


AMQP and MQTT are widely used messaging protocols.

In this article, we will become familiarized with the fundamental difference between these two. We are not covering the implementation or depth analysis of these protocols.


  • MQTT stands for Message Queueing Telemetry Transport.
  • It is less complicated to implement.
  • We have a Publisher and Subscriber, and a broker who acts as a postman in between them.
  • It is widely used to IoT Devices.
  • It is very reliable in deliverables.
  • It only supports the publish-subscribe pattern.
  • It is preferred for low latency requirements.
  • Its message types are Connect, Disconnect and Publish.
  • The latest version is 5.0.
  • The QoS Measure is three (At most once, At least once, Exactly once).
  • It can be used easily from one device to thousands.
  • It uses TLS encryption with a username and password.


  • AMQP Stands for Advance Messaging Queue Protocol.
  • It is a binary messaging protocol.
  • AMQP is not preferred for the essential requirement of messaging protocol.
  • It supports various messaging patterns like publish-subscribe, Store and forward, etc.
  • AMQP offers a Simple Authentication Security Layer.
  • Advanced Optimized on the wire of data framing, which increases performance.
  • AMQP allows multiple connections.
  • It is widely used for commercial industries and telecommunication industries.
  • It is interoperable.
  • Its QoS measure is three.
  • AMQP is preferred if you desire a more secure messaging protocol.
  • Its message formats consist of bare message and header.
  • The latest is AMQP 1.0.

I will try to come up with a simple proof concept for the MQTT application.

Feel free to correct and comment.