MS Teams and Email Approval Configuration in D365 CRM

Here is the scenario: when we create an account record in CRM, MS Teams and Email notifications should go to the approver to approve/reject to create an account record.

Configure Email notifications through power to automate the flow

  • Go to
  • Click on Create in the left navigation and select Automated Cloud flow.
    Click on create
    Automated Cloud Flow
  • Provide the Flow name and select flow trigger as Microsoft Dataverse when a row is added, modified, or deleted and click on Create.
  • Provide details as Change type =  Added, Table name=Accounts and Scope=Organization.
  • Click on Create New Step and choose Operation as Approvals and Action as Start and Wait for an Approval.
  • Select Approval type as “Approve/Reject - First to respond" and provide Title, Assigned to as the email address of the approver who needs to approve.
    Select approval type
  • Click on Next Step and choose operation as Office 365 Outlook, Select action as Send Email(V2).
    • Provide details To= email address of approver who needs to approve/Reject. And also provide the Subject of the email and body of the email as you wish.
      Email and body
  • Click on Save to save the flow.

Configure MS Teams approval Notification MS teams

  • Go to Microsoft teams Click on more added apps Select the Approvals app.
    Approval app
  • Click on New Approval request at top right corner.
    Approval request
  • Provide the following details and click on Send
    1. Request type=Basic
    2. Name of the request
    3. Approver email address.
      New request
  • Finally, we are configured MS Teams approval.
    Configure teams

Let’s Create an account in CRM and check weather approver receives MS Teams, Email notifications for approve/reject.

  • Go to CRMà Account Entityà Click on new
  • Fill in the required fields and click on Save
    Sales hub
  • Now go to MS teams-à click on Activity
  • Observe notification should came for approval.
    Observe notification
  • Go to Outlook and observe an email should be received for an approval.
    Outlook and observe email


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