New Features of Visual Studio 2005 Editor

In my previous articles, I discussed various new features introduced in Visual Studio 2005. This article is another extension to the same series. In this article, I discuss some new features of Visual Studio 2005 editor.

Auto Intellisense

Now VS supports auto intellisense. So as soon as you start typing, you will see the matching words as following when I type "pri". See Figure 1.

Figure 1.

If you click on "pri" you will see a little option where you can bind the selected items. See Figure 2.


Figure 2.

If you expand this item, you will see a list of items you can select from. See Figure 3.


Figure 3.

Remove and Rename

Now when you are adding your method or property, you can click on the name of the method or property and you will see rename options as you type. See Figure 4. Using this option, you can rename the method name. I personally think renaming would be easier by hand than using this option ;).


Figure 4.

After finishing your method definition, you can click on the method name and select Reorder Parameters and Remove Parameters to reorder and remove parameters of the method. See Figure 5.


Figure 5.

The Reorder Parameters option launches Reorder Parameters (see Figure 6) where you can modify the order of parameters.


Figure 6.

And Remove Parameters option launches Remove Parameters (see Figure 7) where you can remove the method parameters.


Figure 7.


In this article, we saw some more new features of Visual Studio 2005 editor.

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