Office 365 Exchange Online - Managing Email Addresses

In this article, we will discuss topics regarding the primary email address of the user, how to change the primary email address, and how to add an additional email address to the user.

Users Primary Email Address:

From Office 365 Admin Center, Administrator could see the primary email address of any user.

  1. Login to Office 365 Admin Portal.
  2. Click on “Users” as shown below.

    Office 365
    Figure 1: Admin Center >> Users
  1. Once we click on “Users > ”, we will be redirected to “Active Users” page at

    Office 365
    Figure 2 : Admin Center >> Active Users
  1. When we click on any user as shown in above figure, we will see user properties as shown in below figure 3. In the below figure, we will see Username / Email which is user's primary email address.

    Office 365
    Figure 3: User Properties: Username / Email – User primary email address
  1. The administrator can change the user's primary email address. We need to add “additional email address” first to change the primary email address.

  2. Changing the user primary email address

    1. On user property page, click on “Edit” link in front of Username / Email link, which will open a page for adding an additional email address and which can be set as Primary Email Address.

      Office 365
      Figure 4: Adding additional email address for user to change the Primary Email Address

    2. After we specify the “Alias” and click on “+ Add” button, we get “Set as primary” option enabled.

      Office 365
      Figure 5: Adding alias - "Set as primary" option

    3. When the administrator clicks on “Set as primary” button, we get the following warning.

      Office 365
      Figure 6: Warning - while changing Primary Email Address of the user

      The above warning is related to following points,
      • Changing “Primary Email Address” will also change the username.
      • If user has scheduled any “Skype for Business meetings” those need to be rescheduled
      • If user has shared any contact information with external users, then they need to update the contact information
      • If user uses OutLook, OneDrive, or any other app then user need to update the username in those apps

Adding additional email address

The administrator can add an additional email address to the user account. There are a couple of ways to add an additional email address to the user's account. Here, we will discuss how to add an additional email address to the user's account through Office 365 Admin Portal.

Following are the detailed steps to add the additional email.

  1. Login to Office 365 Admin Portal.
  2. From “Admin centers” select “Exchange” option

    Office 365
    Figure 7: Admin centers >>Exchange
  1. We will be redirected to “Exchange Admin Center” and select “recipients” option ( ).

    Office 365
    Figure 8: Exchange Admin Center
  1. Select the user for which we need to add the additional email address, as shown in the above figure and click on the pencil icon on the left top – which is an Edit option.

  2. On “Edit”. The “Edit User Mailbox” dialog will open.

    Office 365
    Figure 9: Edit User Mailbox
  1. Click on “+” icon.

    Office 365
    Figure 10: Adding additional email address of the user
  1. If we again go to user properties, we will see two email addresses there.

    Office 365
    Figure 11: New email address added for the user

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