Fix Popup - OneDrive Isn’t Signed In

If you are getting a popup OneDrive isn’t signed in on your Windows 10 machine, chances are, your OneDrive account is not linked on the device and your local OneDrive is unable to sync with the online version of OneDrive. In this article, we will learn how to fix the popup message, OneDrive isn’t signed in.
You can fix this error by reconnecting your OneDrive to your OneDrive account by logging in to your account. Let us do it.
Go to your Windows 10 Taskbar and unhide hidden icons by using the > icon. You will see a OneDrive icon among other icons.
Once you click on the OneDrive icon, you will see this message in a popup window, OneDrive needs your attention. As you can see on the below screen, there is a Sign in button.
Click on the Sign in button and login to your OneDrive account. Please note, if you have a different OneDrive account than the account you’re using on your machine, you may have to think which account you would like to link and sync your local OneDrive to. 
Once you sign in to your OneDrive account, click on the Icon again will show you this window where you can see the OneDrive is up to date.
You can now see your local OneDrive folders on your machine by checking OneDrive folder in File Explorer.
Now, you can check your OneDrive settings by clicking on the Settings menu item.
One Microsoft OneDrive settings, you will see the Account tab where you can see what account is linked to the local OneDrive local folder. On this screen, you can also manage storage, unlink this PC with OneDrive, and you can choose folders which you want to sync to your local drive.
When you clock on Choose folders, you will see the following window here you can select which folders you want to sync OneDrive folders to.

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