Onedrive To Google Drive Migration - Transfer Files From G Drive To Onedrive

Are you looking for a method to transfer data from OneDrive to Google Drive? Have you ever tried any manual approach to move files from OneDrive to Google Drive? Here, in this blog, we have come up with an efficient solution that will help you to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive in a reliable manner.

Drive Migration


OneDrive and Google Drive are the most popular names for cloud storage services. OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service that allows the users to sync and store data files. On the other hand, Google Drive is developed by Google that provides file storage and synchronization services as well. Moreover, both provide the two excellent browser-based office application i.e. Office Online and Google Docs. However, when comparison arises between these two, the users prefer to use Google Drive over the OneDrive. Although, there are several reasons due to which users want to move files from OneDrive to Google Drive. Therefore, in the upcoming sections, we will describe the major reasons along with the manual method that will help to transfer data from OneDrive to Google Drive in an efficient manner. 

Top 3 Reasons to Migrate OneDrive to Google Drive

There are many significant reasons to export OneDrive to Google Drive. But here we mentioned the topmost reasons. These are the frequent causes by which people need to take backup of OneDrive files to Google Drive. The causes are listed below,

  • Storage Space
    Usually, Google Drive offers 15 GB free cloud storage along with a Google account. Mostly this space is sufficient for normal users. If 15 GB is not enough, Google Drive also offers best-priced storage plan such as 1TB for $9.99. On the other hand, OneDrive also provides free storage but only 5 GB. Although, the storage subscription plan of OneDrive is more budget-friendly than Google Drive. But, Google Drive offers the annual discount that does not come up with OneDrive. Nevertheless, as we compare free storage, people prefer Google Drive because 15 GB is far greater than 5 GB. That’s why normal users move from OneDrive to Google Drive.
  • Security
    Nowadays, lots of cybercrime happens across the world. So, security of data is one of the major concern of any user around the globe. From the security point of view, Google Drive encrypts the data file using TLS and 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. Although, it is quite tough for a supercomputer to decrypt these algorithms. In addition, Google also provides two-factor authentication that protects the user in case of password theft. With the help of this feature, an unauthorized person is not able to access another user account. While, in case of OneDrive, security is a major issue for the normal user. The reason is that the business-oriented OneDrive files are encrypted whereas the normal user’s data are left in plain text. Files are encrypted during the transmission but the files remain unencrypted on Microsoft’s server. However, the lack of encryption is one of the reason, why people perform OneDrive to Google Drive migration.
  • File Size Sync
    File size sync means the maximum file size limit that an individual can upload or sync. In OneDrive, 10GB is the maximum size limit for each file for sync or upload. On the other side, Google Drive allows the user to upload files up to 5TB in size. From the business point of view, a larger file size can be easily transferred to Google Drive. This unbeatable key features also attract users towards the Google Drive.

Manual Method to Perform OneDrive to Google Drive Migration

There is no such inbuilt software that directly exports OneDrive to Google Drive. There is a simple method to migrate data from OneDrive to Google Drive. The steps of the method are given below, 

  1. First of all, you have to Login OneDrive account on your device.
  2. Download locally all the files that are saved in OneDrive.
  3. Now, upload all the downloaded files to Google Drive.

When there is a bulk storage, this method seems to be a longer process. It also takes lots of time to download and upload the giant amount of data. Also, there may be chances of error occurred during the process. Some errors during the download of data include internet connection issues which in turn leads to file corruption. So, a user must have a high-speed internet connectivity while performing this manual trick.

After analyzing various factors to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive, in this blog we have suggested the possible solution by which a user can easily transfer files from OneDrive to Google Drive. Make sure to follow each and every step very carefully.