Oracle 11gR2 RAC Installation: Part One


In my previous part, we saw what Oracle RAC architecture is. To know more about what Oracle RAC architecture is kindly refer to:

In this part, we will learn Oracle RAC installation in a sequential manner and what the prerequisites are. I recommend that if you planning to install RAC in your laptop or PC for practice, you should have minimum 8 GB RAM and separate 60 GB space; i.e., 30GB for Node1 and 30 GB for Node 2.

Let’s Start.

  • Install VMWare Software

Go to VMWare website and download VMWare Server version 2.0.2, you can download this from VMWare official website. First, you have to go through the registration process and after that kindly download the software on your machine. The software size is nearly around 500 MB. While registering for VMware Server, you will get a product or a serial key and those serial keys are freely available so kindly save them, as we need them for later installation .

Once you download the software.


Click Next.


Accept the License agreement, as shown below:

Licenece aggrement

Select the installation drive and the folder, as shown below:


Click Next, put your hostname and portnumber . Uncheck the virtual machine option otherwise it will start regularly.


Click install and it will ask for the serial key which has been provided on the mail or with the folder.



This was RAC Installation part one. I hope this article was helpful.

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