Overview Of MVC

Lots of people think MVC is different from ASP.NET. Believe me it's totally wrong, ASP.NET uses MVC internally. Another important feature of ASP.NET is that it uses CLR, so it's also used for developing applications by multiple languages like Visual C#, VB.NET etc.

What is MVC?

MVC stands for Model View Controller.

It divides our web application into three different layers.

Model supply business logic and data ... classes etc. or interacts with data like WCF or service that gives data .View is something that displays something on the user end and controller manages the data between model and views. The following image makes the idea clear.


What is the purpose of MVC?

You can store your data in the database using model. You can view your data using VIEW and if we are talking about controller then you can manage the data using Controller.

You can develop your ASP.NET applications using three different ways.

  1. ASP.NET Webpages
  2. ASP.NET Web Forms

But the most common is MVC. You can also design forms and web applications using MVC.

Now, if MVC is everything then what is the purpose of Web Forms?

Web Forms has its own charms because let’s suppose if you're developing some basic website for your business then it's good and simple approach to adopt Web Forms because MVC is complex in that scenario. However, if you're targeting some enterprise level applications then you must follow MVC pattern in that case.

Which Tools are required to develop an ASP.NET application?

First of all you will need a Visual Studio 2012, 2013 or 2015. Many versions of Visual Studio are available in the market. I’ll recommend the Ultimate version of Visual Studio 2013. Don't purchase a third party DVD from the market, always go to the Paid or Trial Version because first the market versions are not registered with the Microsoft Software Industry and the second reason is that these softwares contain a lot of bugs and Microsoft is not responsible for the latest updates. So it is strongly recommended to purchase Visual Studio from the Microsoft Website for better development.

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