Overview Of SharePoint Online Page Types - Part One

Today, I am writing about an Overview of SharePoint Online Page Types. This article will describe and demonstrate about SharePoint online pages and screen shots for the same.

Let us move beyond a definition and talk simply about SharePoint online. Everyone has their own thoughts about how to make it understandable apart from a mere  definition, and with that in mind we are going ahead and will take a look at SharePoint pages and their types.

SharePoint Page is  a screen for users where all content and data will show. Just take an example of a SharePoint Team site page. First we see the Home Page, on that page we can edit, add, modify, and add quick launch or navigation to navigate on other page as well or delete any content from this page.

Basically, a page will display images, hyperlinks, the requisite lists and libraries, web parts, and text.

SharePoint online has two primary types of pages in Microsoft SharePoint Online or On-premises,  Master page and Application Page, but we can see there are many types of pages available on Microsoft SharePoint, like Site pages, wiki pages, web part pages, application pages. Let us discuss them one by one.

Site Page: Site pages are pages where we can create, edit, and customize. These pages are specially used for the content in a site. When a page is newly created using the default option from site content site pages or site content we can  click on New and select page or we can create the same from team site page, left corner site setting gear box and select add a page. The other way to create site page is from site pages List under the site contents. Click on new and site pages from the same, it will becomes viewable in the Site Contents under Site Pages (not ‘Pages,’ as these are publishing pages).

See below steps to create Site pages in SharePoint Online

  • Login to SharePoint online site and click on setting (gear Box) and select add a page and assign the name for page and click on save and close.

  • Another method is creation using Site contents. Navigate page to site contents page and select New option and click on Page, assign the name and save and close.

  • Assign the name and select + button it will explore some new Features which we can add to the page; here I am selecting a text and adding one image of myself. See below screen shot,

  • Once you're all done save and publish this page to explore and make it viewable for all.

  • Finally we can create Site page from Site pages library, Open the site pages from Site contents and click on new and then select site pages, it will prompt the screen to add name and features, once you're all done save and publish this page

  • We can find all create site pages under the site pages gallery from Site contents only; see below screen shot,

Moving to the next page called Wiki Page.

Wiki Page: it is known as a content page as we can add content to wiki pages by typing and formatting text. Making changes in wiki page is the easiest way, just click on edit bottom at the top of the page and the page as an editor’s version will appear where we can do modifications as required.

  • Let’s show you how to create wiki pages on SharePoint online

  • Login to the Site and click on Site contents option from Gearbox (setting) in right side corner of the page.

  • On the site contents page, select site pages and click on New.

  • Once you've selected the Wiki page, it will open with New Tab of the browser, here just enter the Name of page and click on Create Option,

  • It will prompt us with a page called, edit page mode.

  • Here, as we mentioned above, feel the data because it will open default blank page only.

  • We can add images, sources code, we can add table and many things with the same we can do and share withthe  team; this is easiest way to do it, with a Wiki page. Once you're done, it will look like this.

Web part Page: A page, which can display a combination of information from other sources. It will fetch some data and appear on the page from other foundations. Web Part pages can display many types of data, including lists, other web pages, search results, or data retrieved from other servers.

Web part page is made up of a “web part” and contains content like files and documents. You can only insert Web Parts from your SharePoint with this type of page.

We cannot edit this page, there will no edit option available for this web part.

  • Let us start from using web part page and we will show the demo.

  • Login to the SharePoint site page, and open site contents page and select site pages from the same.

  • On the Site pages, select New and add New Web part page.

  • Once selected it will take to new page where it will ask for enter name, Layout (defined the style and appearance of page), save location (select from drop down) and click create.

  • Web part page is created we can see the result page will be in edit mode where selected layout will appear like below screen shot,

For the next article I will be writing about Application Page and Master Page.