Page Diagnostics Tool For SharePoint Online Is Released - Tool To Help To Improve Page Performance

On Wednesday, September 18,  2019, Microsoft announced the next release of Page Diagnostics Tool, Version – 2.0.1 for SharePoint Online.

What is Page Diagnostics Tool?

Microsoft defines it as " ... a Chromium Browser Extension (can be used in Chrome and Microsoft Edge version 77 or later) designed to help you identify site pages in SharePoint Online that may not be delivering optimal performance.” 
Page Diagnostics Tool can be downloaded from here
This tool can be also installed through the Chrome browser store.
Once Page Diagnostics Tool is installed, it appears in the top bar of Chrome browser as below.
Page Diagnostics Tool – Extension to Chrome Browser
Fig1 : M365 – SharePoint Online – Page Diagnostics Tool – Extension to Chrome Browser.

What this Tool does

  • This tool identifies the total page load time as shown in below Fig 2
  • Which actions need attention (the following are a few of them) as shown in below Fig3.

    1. It detects large images (Images which are larger than 300 KB)
    2. Content Delivery Network (CDN) check – Which items from the page are not using CDN
    3. How many request calls went to SharePoint? It also indicates how many only to have like best practice is maximum 25
    4. Which web parts are using iFrames? iFrames slows down the performance
    5. Which web parts are affecting performance
    6. Where improvements can be done. That means for example this tool enlists WebParts which take more than 2000 MS to render.

    Fig2 : M365 - SharePoint Online - Page diagnostics Tool - M365 - SharePoint Online - Page diagnostics Tool - Identifying Page load time, SPRequestDuration time 
Fig3 : M365 – SharePoint Online – Page diagnostics Tool – Issues listed which require Attention, and Improvement opportunities
Isn’t this interesting 🙂 and very useful to check the performance of our modern page in SharePoint Online.
There are 3 ellipses on the right top corner in Fig 3, by clicking on those we will have “? Additional resources” links with more details.

How this tool works

  1. This tool compares characteristics of the page to best practices to SharePoint Online and enlists the issues
  2. This tool also provides guidance to resolve these issues as per the best practices
This tool is also used for new pages; that means before publishing them to verify the performance of the new page.
This tool can analyze both modern and classic sites.