Parse JSON String in C#

In .NET, System.Text.Json namespace provides a class JsonSerializer with two static methods, JsonSerializer.Serialize and JsonSerializer.Deserialize.  The JsonSerializer.Deserialize method is used to parse a JSON string into an object and read its member values.

Here is an example of a C# object that was used to create JSON data.

public class CSharpMember
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public string Bio { get; set; }
    public DateTime JoinDate { get; set; }
    public bool Author { get; set; }

The JSON string created for the above object looks like this.

// Get JSON string 
string jsonMemberString = "{\"Name\":\"Mahesh Chand\",\"Bio\":\"Software developer\"," +

You can call the JsonSerializer.Deserialize the method to deserialize the string into an object. 

// Deserialize JSON string into an object 
CSharpMember member = JsonSerializer.Deserialize<CSharpMember>(jsonMemberString);

Once the JSON string is deserialized into an object, now it's easy to read its values via the object members.

// Use Object's members to read/parse data 
Console.WriteLine($"Name: {member.Name}");
Console.WriteLine($"Bio: {member.Bio}");
Console.WriteLine($"JoinDate: {member.JoinDate}");
Console.WriteLine($"Author: {member.Author}");

The output of this program looks like the following:

Deserialize JSON string
Name: Mahesh Chand
Bio: Software developer
JoinDate: 12/31/1999 7:00:00 PM
Author: True

Download the attached program to get the complete program.

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