PDF File Generator

PDF documents are the now a days is standard in Documents Exchange over the internet, as these documents are more or less platform independent and can be viewed on virtually any platform without any formatting or changes in the file structure.

PDF documents consist mainly of four parts:

  • header
  • document body
  • the cross reference 
  • the trailer

The header is the version information like %PDF-1.1 which says that this is PDF version 1.1 the PDF viewer looking at the version determines the file version and the functionality associated with this version.

The document bodies are constructed with PDF objects like text, images, page, pages and catalog.

The cross reference entries are the heart of the PDF document, all PDF objects has their reference in the PDF xRef.

The trailer has the information of the ROOT node and Size or count of all the PDF objects.

The present C# application will generates the basic structure of the PDF file and show how you can program to generate PDF application other than using PDFWriter or Adobe Software.

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