Phi Silica is Microsoft’s AI model for Windows Developers


Microsoft introduced Phi-Silica, a 3.3B parameter AI model optimized to run on Copilot + PCs NPUs. The target audience is Windows developers developing applications in the Copilot+PC environment.

Developers in the Copilot+PC ecosystem

AI revolution on PC started with Microsoft's announcement on May 20th, 2024, so there are many of interesting news about how the future will look. Microsoft introduced the “Copilot+PC” platform, which is basically a hardware platform that will be able to execute Microsoft AI software Probably 2 years from now, one will not be able to buy a laptop that does not have a coprocessor for AI/Neural networks or a Microsoft product that is not AI-enabled.

In order to enable Windows developers to exploit new hardware platforms, Microsoft introduced Phi-Silica, a 3.3B parameter model optimized to run on Copilot + PCs NPUs.

Phi-Silica is a Small Language Model (SML), specifically designed for the Neural Processing Units (NPUs) in new Copilot+ PCs. Phi Silica is the smallest model in the Phi family SLM models, with 3.3 billion parameters. Phi-3-Silica runs directly on the Copilot+ PC without the need for an internet connection.

Developers can access Phi-Silica using Windows App SDK, and some C# examples are available at [2]. Phi-Silica can be used to develop applications for the Windows ecosystem.

Typical use cases are expected to be: Offline voice assistants with limited functionality; Text-to-speech conversion for visually impaired users; Real-time captioning for audio and video; Real-time language translation; Offline comprehension; Smart dictation and speech recognition.


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