Post SharePoint List Item To FaceBook Using Microsoft PowerApps

In this article, you will learn how to develop a PowerApp to share SharePoint list item on Facebook.

In this article, you will learn how to develop an app, using PowerApps to share SharePoint list content on Facebook. 
Let us consider, there is a SharePoint list that holds some technical information. Let us see how we can develop an app to share the information available on SharePoint list to Facebook, using PowerApps.
Steps Involved
Navigate to a custom list on SharePoint Online (Office 365).
Click PowerApps and then "Create an app" option.
Provide an app name.
Once the app is created, PowerApps will open the created app. The owners can edit and customize the app. The app will contain the basic screens, related layouts, and data connection to each screen. The forms are shown below.
  • Browse screen
  • Details screen
  • Edit screen 
Let us look at customizing the list item details screen. As per our requirement, Facebook Share button needs to be appended to the list item details screen, in order to enable the users to share the item information directly from the details screen (Display form).
Select the details screen and select the necessary layout for the screen. In my case, the default layout is considered.

Click on Data Sources and add a new connection. Subsequently, select Facebook.

Click "Connect" and provide the authentication details, if prompted. Once the authentication is completed, the connection will be listed, as shown below. Here, TestList1 is SharePoint List connection. 
From the top, click on the "Insert" menu and then select a "Button". Place it on the display screen.

Select the button placed on the screen, click on advanced tab under the button properties.
Change the text value under action.
Click on OnSelect text box under action. Based on the requirement, you can insert the function. In this case, the command, given below, following Facebook post function should be inserted. 
  1. Facebook.PostToMyTimeline(DataCard1.Default)  
DataCard1 is the data container and Default is the item title. If required, other properties can be added/modified. 
Go to File -> App Settings. Provide description and select the necessary theme for the app icon. Then, save it.

Go back to and share it with the other users by adding their Names/E-mails.

To test the app, click "Play" button on the top. The app will open in new tab.
Click on any item and subsequently click on "Share" button.
The item content will be posted to the respective user's Facebook wall.
  1. Users who access this app will be asked for SharePoint list and Facebook account authentications initially. The app will only work for the authenticated users.
  2. Users can access the app from web/mobile by logging into their respective accounts (provided app is shared to the user, by owner).
  3. App can also be accessed from the respective list view.
Thus, you have learned developing an app to share the SharePoint list information on Facebook, using only PowerApps. The apps can be shared to other users in the organizations, and the other users can access the app to view the data or to share on Facebook from mobile/web any time.