Power Automate Flow to Update Sharepoint Column Value

In this article, I will demonstrate a step-by-step guide to creating a manual-triggered Power Automate flow for updating a specific column value in a SharePoint list. The flow gets items from a list, checks certain conditions, and changes the column need.

The "Update" action in Power Automate allows you to modify existing data within your connected services or applications.

Benefits of using Update Action in Power Automate

Here are some benefits of using the "Update" action.

  • You can be sure that your data is always correct by using the "Update" action to reflect changes immediately across your list.
  • The"Update" action allows you to specify which fields across your data source you want to update.
  • It reduces the manual task to go and update each and every record one by one.

Steps to create a flow to update the record in SharePoint List

I will be creating a flow to update "Column - ManufactureName", where I will be updating the value "HeroHonda" to "BMW".

SharePoint List

Car details

1. Create an Instant cloud flow: create an cloud flow with Manual trigger action.

Manual trigger

2. Add a "Get items" Action: Add the action to retrieve the items from your SharePoint list or any other data source where your "ManufactureName" column is located.

Manufacture Name

Get items

3. Add a "Apply to each" Control: Inside the loop, add a condition to check if the value of the "ManufactureName" column is "HeroHonda". You can use the "equals" expression for this.

Apply to each

Choose an option

4. Add a Condition: Add a condition to check if the value of the "ManufactureName" column is "HeroHonda".

Add a Condition

5. Update the Item if the Condition is True: Inside the condition's "If yes" branch, add an action to update the item. Use the "Update item" action to update the "ManufactureName" column to "Hero Honda".

Update Item

6. Save the flow and test.



Before car detail


After car detail



The "Update" action in Power Automate is a valuable tool by allows users to modify existing information easily and minimize repetitive tasks.

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