Power BI January 2024 Feature Updates


  • Show visuals as tables
  • More styling options for column and bar charts
  • Extended customization for data labels

Show visuals as tables

A new view mode, similar to the existing "Show as a table" feature, has been introduced. This mode, named "Show visuals as tables," it displays report visuals in a tabular format with a single action across all pages in the current report. It includes interactive features and cross-filtering capabilities.

To activate this mode, go to the view dropdown menu and choose "Show visuals as tables." Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + F11 to switch between the new view and the regular view.



More styling options for column and bar charts

This month introduces several new formatting enhancements specifically tailored for column and bar charts in Power BI. These additions are crafted to enhance your data visualization, empowering you with more effective tools for analysis and storytelling. Key Enhancements: Apply Settings to All or Series, Transparency Control, Border Customization, Layout & Advanced ribbon settings.

Visual shape

Key Enhancements Details

  • Apply Settings to All or Series: Effortlessly enjoy the versatility of applying formatting options globally across all categories or tailoring them individually for each unique series.
  • Transparency Control: You have the flexibility to fine-tune the transparency of fill colors, allowing you to achieve the ideal balance between visibility and design aesthetics.
  • Border Customization: You now have exceptional control over introducing borders with precision by selecting a specific color, matching it to the column's fill, and defining both the border's width and transparency, resulting in a refined and polished appearance. 
  • Layout: The Spacing card has been renamed to the Layout card, moved the Reverse Order toggle, and added new features like Sort by Value, Space between categories, Space between series, along with the option to Erode or Explode stacked series in clustered columns and bar charts.
  • Advanced ribbon settings: Easily highlight a series or ensure visual consistency by selecting options like matching series color, choosing color and transparency, and adjusting border details.

Extended customization for data labels

This month's update brings advanced options for data labels in Power BI, allowing for increased customization to match your reporting needs. The enhancements also make it easier to integrate additional metrics, significantly improving the overall data analysis experience. Available for Columns, Bars, Lines, and Ribbon charts, these advancements are poised to revolutionize your reporting.

Key Enhancements

  • Title: The Title card feature lets you show legend fields on data labels, providing the choice to exclude the legend for a cleaner appearance. Additionally, it allows personalized data label titles with various data fields and adjustable font style, color, and transparency.
  • Value: Quickly identify and switch the active field for your data label using easy customization options such as font, color, transparency, and now featuring a new option for displaying blank values.
  • Detail: The Detail card feature enhances possibilities by letting you include a secondary metric in your data labels. You can choose any field for an additional value, and you have a full range of formatting options available.
  • Visual label layout: a new feature allows you to opt for either a streamlined single-line data label or a multi-line data label based on your preference.

Feel free to discover these impressive new features, designed to greatly improve data density in your charts.

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