Power BI Python Scripting - Installation Of Python IDE (Visual Studio Code)


In this article, we will learn how we can install Python IDE (Visual Studio Code) for Power BI for the Python script visual.

Microsoft released Python script visuals in the August 2018 update.

I already have written one article, which shows how you can install Python. Please refer to the link of that article.

 In this article, we will only talk about the installation process of Python IDE (Visual Studio Code) for Power BI.

So, now let’s get started!

Step 1

Download the Visual Studio Code Installation file using the following URL,


Step 2

Once the setup file is downloaded, Click on the Run button.

Click on the Next button to continue the installation.


Step 3

Accept Terms and Conditions.


Step 4

Choose the Installation path for an IDE.


Step 5

Select the Start Menu folder and click on Next button.


Step 6

Choose Additional Tasks and click on the Next button.


Step 7

Click on the Install button.


Step 8

Once installation is completed successfully, click on Finish button.


Step 9

The main step is to set the path of the installed Python IDE setup from Python scripting option.

  • Go to File menu, from Options and Settings select Options.
  • From Python Scripting, select “Other” from “Detected Python IDEs” option. This is optional. In some machines, Power BI automatically detects the installed IDE. But if it does not detect the IDE, you need to set manual path from “Browse to the Python IDE you want:” option. Click on OK.

Now, the Python IDE (Visual Studio Code) has been successfully installed in your machine.


This is how we can install Python IDE (Visual Studio Code) and configure it with Power BI.

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