Use PowerApps Push Notifications To Open Apps


In today’s world, everyone knows what a notification is and how it works. It notifies you about something important and it helps you to open the required content in its own app.

In this article, we will see how to notify your enterprise users using PowerApps and help them to open specific items in one click.


You can send the notification from two different places.

  1. From FLOW
  2. From the PowerApps app itself

Let’s see one by one how to do it.

How to send push notification from FLOW

Assume that you want to notify the user for an approval action. A user needs to take some action on the item. In this case,  you can send a push notification from FLOW.

Create or update a FLOW >> add new action/step >> Search for PowerApps push notification >> select it.

Use PowerApps Push Notification To Open App

This action needs a connection to be used. If you click on the ellipsis icon (three dots), you will see the option to add the new connection as shown below.

Use PowerApps Push Notification To Open App 

This connection decides which app to open when the user clicks on the notification. Specify any useful name to connect and enter your PowerApps app ID.

Use PowerApps Push Notification To Open App 

How to get your App ID?

From here, go to Apps >> App Details. You will find App ID. Copy that and use it in the above connection.

Use PowerApps Push Notification To Open App 

Once the connection is added >> select that connection. Now, we need to specify some information about the Push notification.

Specify recipients you want to notify (email id of the user).

Enter a meaningful message >> Select Open App as Yes (this means when a user clicks on the notification, it will open the configured App automatically).

Specify parameters. There is always a need to send information between different channels of communication >> in the parameters section, you need to specify the parameter name and its value. It uses the JSON format. You can send multiple parameters as well.

“ParemeterName”: Value

Use PowerApps Push Notification To Open App

How to use parameter value to open a specific screen in your App?

If the user clicks on the notification >> then it opens the specific App (because this app ID is mentioned in Push notification connection, and we have configured Open App property to Yes). Let’s see how to redirect the user to the specific screen when a source of navigation is Notification.

Open your app (app whose ID you have specified in Push notification connection)

In OnStart event >> read Parameter value using Param function e.g. Param(“ItemID”).

Now use If function to check that the Param value is not empty >> If so then navigate to your specific screen where you have controls/forms to show item details.

Use PowerApps Push Notification To Open App

That’s it. You are good to go. In another article, we will see how to send push notifications from the app itself.

Check out more details at  Microsoft documentation.

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