Prepare Your Raspberry PI For Your Great Ideas


In my previous article, we will learn the basic idea of IoT devices (Raspberry Pi).
In this and the following article, I will introduce the installation process of Windows 10 IoT Core and Jessie (the Debian flavor of Linux, officially supported by Raspberry Pi).
  1. Raspberry Pi 2 or latest.
  2. Mobile charger (Micro USB charger) to power up your Raspberry Pi.
  3. Minimum 4 GB micro-SD card but I recommend at least 8 GB Class -10
  4. Monitor or display screen (optional) to connect Raspberry Pi.
  5. Card reader to transfer OS image to micro-SD card.
  6. Laptop or Desktop to transfer OS image in micro-SD card.
  7. Image file (ISO) of OS. Which is optional in case of Windows 10 IoT core.
  8. Image burning software.
  9. Supported Wi-Fi dongle or a LAN cable, to connect your Raspberry Pi to network.
Installing Windows 10 IoT Core
There are multiple ways to install Windows on your Raspberry Pi.
  1. Download and install the IoT Dashboard Tool (here).
  2. We can use the NOOBS image to install Windows 10 IoT.
Installing Windows 10 IoT Core using Dashboard Tool
  1. Insert the micro-SD card in the card reader and connect it with your PC.
  2. After installing the IoT dashboard tool, you will find an option to setup a new device.
  3. You need to add the password; rest all options are already entered. You can modify all the options, as per your requirement.
    add password
  4. Click Download and Install. This will download the Windows 10 IoT Core image and install it in your SD card.
  5. After some time, your memory card will be ready. On completion, remove your SD card and insert it into Raspberry Pi’s memory card slot. (You find this slot on the back side of the Raspberry Pi).
    memory card
  6. Power On your Raspberry Pi. The first boot will take around some time (5 mins approx.).
  7. After booting, you will find the following screen.
Installing Windows 10 IoT Core using NOOBS
NOOBS is a simple tool for beginners. You just need a NOOBS software in your SD card and the rest of the things will be done by NOOBS itself. You can get this software by purchasing pre-installed SD cards or you can download it from here. There are two modes of this software NOOBS and NOOBS Lite.
NOOBS is an easy operating system installer which contains Raspbian. It also provides a selection of alternative operating systems that are then downloaded from the internet and installed.
NOOBS Lite contains the same operating system installer without Raspbian pre-loaded. It provides the same operating system selection menu allowing Raspbian and other images to be downloaded and installed.
So, if we are installing Windows 10 IoT Core, then we can go with NOOBS Lite. To start the installation, follow these steps,
  1. Format your SD card with FAT. To format your SD card, you can use a very good tool from the SD Association's Formatting Tool.
  2. Download NOOBS from here.
  3. Extract the downloaded zip file on the root of the SD card.
  4. Put the SD card in Raspberry Pi and boot up the device.
  5. On the first boot, you will see the list of available operating systems to start the installation.
    available operating system
  6. From this list, select Windows 10 IoT Core and click Install.
  7. After selecting an operating system, NOOBS will ask that it will overwrite all the data on the SD card, do you want to continue? Click Yes.
  8. Now, you will see two option to select type of windows you want to install, Windows 10 IoT Core RTM and Windows 10 IoT Core Insider release. To install Insider release, you need to have a Microsoft Insider account.
  9. Select Windows 10 IoT Core and click OK.
  10. NOOBS will clean and prepare your SD card for fresh installation.
  11. After successful completion of previous step, you will be asked to accept license.
     accept license
  12. You will see confirmation box on the successful completion of the download and installation process.
  13. If everything goes fine, your device will boot up and you will be able to see an almost similar screens that we saw in the IoT Dashboard tool process.
    IOT Dashboard tool process
So, now we know how to install Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi. In the next article, we will see how to install Raspberry Pi’s official OS i.e. Jessie on your Raspberry Pi 2.