Printing Text File in C#

In this article, you will learn how to print a text file in C#.


Step 1.

Create a Windows Forms application using Visual Studio and add two Button and one TextBox controls to the Form. Change names for the Buttons to Browse and Print respectively.


Step 2.

Write the following code on the Browse button click event handler.


OpenFileDialog fdlg = new OpenFileDialog();

fdlg.Title = "C# Corner Open File Dialog";

fdlg.InitialDirectory = @"C:\ ";

fdlg.Filter =

"Text files (*.txt | .txt | All files (*.*) | *.*";

fdlg.FilterIndex = 2;

fdlg.RestoreDirectory = true;

if (fdlg.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)


textBox1.Text = fdlg.FileName;



Step 3.

Before we write code on the Print button click event handler, define two private variables on class level.


private Font verdana10Font;

private StreamReader reader;


Now import these two namespace.


using System.IO;

using System.Drawing.Printing;


Write the following code on Print button click event handler.


string filename=textBox1.Text.ToString();

//Create a StreamReader object

reader = new StreamReader (filename);

//Create a Verdana font with size 10

verdana10Font = new Font ("Verdana", 10);

//Create a PrintDocument object

PrintDocument pd = new PrintDocument();

//Add PrintPage event handler

pd.PrintPage += new PrintPageEventHandler(this.PrintTextFileHandler);

//Call Print Method


//Close the reader

if (reader != null)



And add the following method to the class.


private void PrintTextFileHandler (object sender, PrintPageEventArgs ppeArgs)


//Get the Graphics object

Graphics g = ppeArgs.Graphics;

float linesPerPage = 0;

float yPos = 0;

int count = 0;

//Read margins from PrintPageEventArgs

float leftMargin = ppeArgs.MarginBounds.Left;

float topMargin = ppeArgs.MarginBounds.Top;

string line = null;

//Calculate the lines per page on the basis of the height of the page and the height of the font

linesPerPage = ppeArgs.MarginBounds.Height/

verdana10Font.GetHeight (g);

//Now read lines one by one, using StreamReader

while (count<linesPerPage &&

(( line = reader.ReadLine ()) != null))


//Calculate the starting position

yPos = topMargin + (count *

verdana10Font.GetHeight (g));

//Draw text

g.DrawString (line, verdana10Font, Brushes.Black,

leftMargin, yPos, new StringFormat());

//Move to next line



//If PrintPageEventArgs has more pages to print

if (line != null)


ppeArgs.HasMorePages = true;




ppeArgs.HasMorePages = false;




Step 4.

Now build and run the application. Click Browse button and open a text file and click Print button to print the file contents.