Profile & Monitor Web Application with Azure Application Insights: In the session, the below will be discussed
1. Introduction to Application Insights
2. Understand App Insight’s features for tracing Performance issues
3. Understand the architecture of how App Insights fits in a Web Application along with other Azure Components
4. Learn Distributed Tracing of the Application with end-to-end co-relation of the various Components
5. How Application Map provides performance metrics of Individual Components
6. Learn how to Enable Profiling for Windows and Linux apps hosted in Platform as a Service
7. Enable the Profiler, Simulate traffic, troubleshoot the app performance and identify the exact line of the code that’s causing the performance bottlenecks

Profile & Monitor Web Apps with Azure Application Insights - Code Quality &a...
Jun 21 2021

C# Corner Live

This session in Code Quality & Performance Virtual Conference is about Profile & Monitor Web Apps with Azure Application Insights