Publishing Power BI Report To Web

With the latest updates, Power BI now allows publishing reports on the Web. This is one of the most powerful features that has been released lately. The possibilities of using appealing visuals in the websites without actually getting into the trouble of hard coding will make the job for developers much easier.

Before this feature was released, Power BI allowed the sharing of reports only between Power BI users which limited its usefulness. It was mainly because the Power BI accounts were associated with an Office 365 subscription. Anyone with an O365 account can get ahold of Power BI for free but for anyone who wanted to use it without an O365 account, it was a big problem. Both the report creator and the consumer needed an account.

But now, only the report creator needs the account.

Here are the steps you can follow to publish Power BI report to the Web.

  1. Create the visuals, that you want to publish on the Web through Power BI Desktop or through the Web app. To learn how to create a report on Power BI desktop, Click Here.

  2. Now publish the report to Power BI.

  3. Once the report is on the portal, go to the report section.


  4. Now, select the required report:

  5. Now, once the report is open, click the file menu.

  6. Now, click publish to Web.

  7. You will now get the give message box, click Create Embed Code.

  8. Now, click Publish.

  9. Now, you have two options:

    a. To email the link.
    b. Paste the coding of HTML.

  10. The link, that you get in the first option, directly opens the report on a Browser without any formatting. This is good, in case you just want to share the report with a few people and do not want to bother about formatting the page.

  11. The second option gives you a code for an iframe, which you can use in any Website.

  12. Copy the code and use it in any way you want. Here is a simple HTML page, that you can create to test.
    1. <HTML>  
    3. <HEAD>  
    4.     <TITLE> Demo for Publishing Power BI Report onto Web </TITLE>  
    5. </HEAD>  
    7. <BODY>  
    8.     <H1>Published Report With Formatting</H1>  
    9.     <p> <iframe width="800" height="600" src="" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>  
    10.         <!-- Copied code from Power BI -->  
    11.     </p>  
    12. </BODY>  
    14. </HTML> 
  13. Now, you are ready to publish the report to the Web.