Qlik Sense Cloud Vs Qlik Sense Desktop

In this article I would like to share the difference between Qlik Sense Cloud and Qlik Sense Desktop.

After a long time, I would like to share what Qlik Sense Cloud and Qlik Sense Desktop are, along with their differences.


Qlik sense makes it easier for business users to analyze data and develop reports and dashboards. Qlik's biggest challenge for business users in the coming year will be raising its brand profile in an increasingly cloud-centric BI and analytics market.

What is Qlik Sense Cloud?

Qlik Sense Cloud is a SaaS service, this service is accessed by users using a client via a web browser. Qlik Sense Cloud gives users the power to create and share interactive data visualizations with drag-and-drop easily. With the help of Qlik Sense, we can create our apps on any device, anywhere, through web browser. Qlik Sense Cloud hosts apps anytime via secure Qlik hosting. Users interacts Qlik Sense apps privately on any device. Qlik Sense Cloud Explore data deeply, reveal connections instantly and see opportunities.


Benefits of Qlik Sense Cloud

Here are the benefits of Qlik Sense Cloud.

  • Fully interactive apps that are easily created.
  • Apps can be shared with up to five others.
  • Automatically optimized by device.
  • All data is encrypted in flight and secured at rest .
  • No time limits, no trial period, no catches.
  • Only authorized user’s access data.
  • Unlimited app sharing.

How to solve problems with Qlik Sense Cloud

It works seamlessly from desktop to tablet to smartphone, while Qlik Sense automatically adapts to the device. All you need is an internet connection and a Web browser.

Link to register and login Qlik Sense Cloud.

What is Qlik Sense Desktop

Qlik Sense Desktop is a window application. Qlik Sense Desktop creates personalized, interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards with drag-and-drop easily. It integrates data from multiple sources easily. By using Qlik Sense Desktop windows application, discover more insights in data within five minutes. It is free for personal and internal business purpose. Qlik Sense Desktop is designed to put tableau-style data visualization in the hands of users.


Benefits of Qlik Sense Desktop

There are given below benefits of Qlik Sense Desktop.

  • It is totally free for personal and internal business purpose.
  • App creation in drag and drop easier manner.
  • Data loading also, in drag and drop easier manner.
  • In integrates multiple data source like ODBC, OLEDB, Sales force, SQL server Web file etc.
  • Installed window application

How to solve problems with Qlik Sense Desktop

When you create apps in Qlik Sense Desktop, it can be exported and used in Qlik Sense Enterprise. These sites are uploaded to Qlik Sense cloud to be shared with others.

Comparison between Qlik Sense Desktop and Qlik Sense Cloud

  • Qlik Sense Desktop runs on your local Windows computer, whereas Qlik Sense Cloud runs on multiple screens or tablets.

  • In Qlik Sense Desktop, apps cannot be published, whereas in Qlik Sense cloud, apps can be published and shared by other users.

  • Security or authentication functionality is not supported.

  • There is no autosave function - you have to save your work manually by clicking Save in the toolbar. The app is automatically saved when reloading the script.

  • Duplicating apps is not supported in Qlik Sense Desktop.

  • Qlik Sense Desktop will run in the language of your operating system and the language cannot be altered.

To get started with Qlik Sense Desktop, register and download this free application.

Today, I discussed in this article, what Qlik Sense cloud and desktop are and what are the differences between them.