Register A Bot And Configure Bot To Channel


In this article, I will explain about registering and configuring a bot in addition to channels. Before getting started, let’s have an overview of basic principles of bot design. The bot framework enables developers to make a bot that could solve the variety of problems from a niche. If we build a bot, we need to make use of the bot with others so that they can have a replacement or an alternative way of using apps and websites etc.

Rules that guarantee a bot's success

  • Bot must have the capacity of solving the problems with minimum number of steps.
  • It must solve the user’s problem with faster experience.
  • The bot service must be capable of running in number of devices and the platform of the user’s choice.

Rules that do not guarantee a bot's success

  • The smartness of the bot service.
  • Language supporters for the bot.
  • Voice of the bot.

Before beginning, we need to register the bot on bot framework portal.

Registering a bot in bot framework portal

Step 1

Log into bot framework portal.

Step 2

Click "My bots", click "Create a bot", and click "Register".

Step 3

Now, we need to complete the following requirements of the bot profile.
  • We need an icon for the representation of the bot. The icon must be in PNG format.
  • Provide a unique name for the bot so that the users find the convenient way for searching the bot.
  • Now, we need to provide the URL of the bot for handling the process and it cannot be changed once registered.
  • The description of the bot must be provided so that when the users find the bot, they can see the type of the bot what it does.

Step 4

The bot must be provided with the HTTPS messaging endpoint so that it can receive the messages from the bot connector.

Step 5

Click "Create Microsoft App ID and password".

Step 6

Click "Generate an app password to continue". The app password will be displayed. Make a note of it and click OK.

Step 7

Click "Finish" and go back to the bot framework.

Step 8

The administrator email id will be specified. Select the checkbox for accepting the terms of use, privacy of statement, and code of conduct.

Step 9

Finally, click "Register" for the completion of the registration process.

Step 10

The bot has been successfully created with the registration process. Now, let's configure the bot for running one more extra channel. My selection is Cortana but you can select any type of channel you want for service.

Step 11

In the bot framework portal dashboard, under the "Add channel", select the channel you want to add.

Step 12

Click "Save" for using Cortana with the bot service.

Step 13

The bots that are being published to Cortana are done from the dashboard. It can be deployed for our own use or we can deploy to a user’s group or to the world. (I have deployed the bot to the users group, you can deploy it group or publish to world).

Step 14

Click "Manage" in Cortana dashboard for the deploying process. Select " I accept" for the further process of it.

Step 15

As I said, it’s up to your decision of deployment of the bot channel. Since I have selected the deployment to a group, click "Deploy to group".

Step 16

Provide an email id with group of users and click "Deploy" and the deployment will be success.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.