Registering Your Bot Application And Testing Your Connection At Bot FrameWork


This article is a continuation of my previous one, as this will help you to work on registering your Bot Application and testing your connection for your Bot FrameWork.

Note - Work on my previous article to create a Bot Application and hosting it on Azure as a Web app before moving on to this one. Refer to the links, given below-

Important Links,

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  • Click here to know how to run your Bot Application in Bot Framework Channel Emulator.

Why Should I register my Bot Application in Microsoft Bot Framework?

Registering your Bot Application on Bot Framework helps to call your Bot’s Web Service. Here, we will be creating a Microsoft app Id and Microsoft app password. When we register Bot with Microsoft Bot Framework connector, both Microsoft app Id and Microsoft app password will be used to authenticate the conversation.


  1. Internet connectivity.
  2. Microsoft Account.

Follow the below steps to register your Bot Application at Bot Framework.

Step 1 - Login to, using your Microsoft Account.

Click Sign in at the top right corner of the Web page.

Sign in with the help of your Microsoft Account over here. (Sign in with the same account, which you used for hosting on Azure portal before).

Step 2 - Click Register a Bot now.

Step 3 - Upload any icon over here by clicking Upload Custom icon, if you wish to upload any.

Give some details like name for the Bot Application, Bot Handle (give some number or alphabet here but make sense this cannot be changed once if this is hosted, this will be used in the URL) and is followed by a description about the Bot Application, which you have created.

Step 4 - Next, I will be giving a MicrosoftAppID over here, if you haven’t created any App ID. Before clicking, create Microsoft app ID and create it. Save the password of your app Id, which you will be using later and you will not be able to get this again.

Click Manage Microsoft app ID and password.

Step 5 - Fill the other publisher profile details now.

Drag down to the Window and click Save now at the Application Registration portal.

Now, your changes are saved.

Step 6 - Get back to the old Registration of Bot page now. Ensure for the agreement and click Register.

Now, the Bot has been created. Click OK.

Step 7 - Here is the Home page of our Bot Application, which we have created and you have a statement called “You cannot test or publish your bot until you specify an endpoint”, so let's work on adding the endpoint now.

Specify the message endpoint from your Azure Portal for which you have registered. Bot Application will help us to test our connection Service.

Login to Click your Azure Web app, which we created and copy the URL from the dashboard, paste it on the messaging endpoint under the configuration

Click Save changes now.

Step 8 - Let's start working with the test connection now.

Scroll down and click on “Test” under your Test Connection to your Bot pane.