Resizing The Virtual Machine In Azure Cloud


Read my previous article to learn about virtual machines and how to create them in the Azure cloud.
Virtual machines are running virtually in cloud servers. In a real scenario we are running a virtual machine in the cloud with configuration (2 Vcpu’s & 7 GB RAM) for computing jobs and we are utilizing the resource and paying for it. After completing that job we won’t require an (2Vcpu`s and 7GB RAM) configuration, we have enough 2 GB of RAM for a normal computing job. So, we are resizing the virtual machine. Azure can provide the resize feature for virtual machines to increase and decrease the virtual machine configuration in a few minutes.
By reading this article, you will learn about how to resize our virtual machine in the Azure cloud.
  • Azure cloud account
  • Edge (or) other browsers
  • Stable internet connection
  • RDP software
Step 1
Login to Azure portal.
Step 2
Next, connect your virtual machine by using RDP software and then check the configuration of our current virtual machine.
Right click the “This PC” icon and select “Properties” from the pop-up menu.
Resizing The Virtual Machine In Azure Cloud
Now our system is running in 2Vcpus and & 7GB of RAM memory.
Step 3
  1. Go to our virtual machine dashboard, then click the “Size” option from the left side pane. In this Size page, now we can select our system configuration in 1Vcpu and 2GB of RAM from the list.
  2. Click the “Resize button,"  and wait a minute to complete our virtual machine resize request.
Resizing The Virtual Machine In Azure Cloud
Step 4
After, select “Overview” and then click the “Restart” button to restart our machine.
Resizing The Virtual Machine In Azure Cloud
Step 5
Given the restart process is completed, view our virtual machine configuration.
Step 6
Right click the “This PC” and then select the “Properties” option from the popup menu. Now properties’ can display our virtual machine configuration.
Resizing The Virtual Machine In Azure Cloud


Finally, we have successfully resized our virtual machine in Azure cloud.