Calling a FLOW from PowerApps is very common requirement -
  • to send an email
  • to push data to backend
  • to print content
  • generate PDF file
  • upload document
Sometimes you might need data back from FLOW into PowerApps. Getting single line text data is easily possible. But what if you need to get tabular data from FLOW into PowerApps.

There is Response action available in FLOW, but its a premium action. You need separate license to make use of that. So what is the alternative to this? How could we send send tabular data from FLOW to PowerApps, If we can send it as big text then how can we process it at the PowerApps. That's what we are going to look at in this video.

Respond Tabular Data from FLOW to PowerApps without Premium Response action
Mar 11 2021

Sarvesh Shinde

In this video we will see how to respond Tabular Data from FLOW to PowerApps without making use of Premium Response action.