Restrict Other Site Owners To Associate Sites With Hub Sites Using Power Automate

Hey guys!! Do you ever wonder if somebody joins your team as a site owner & at some point of time that individual unstructured your SharePoint sites which you have created as a hub site and the sites associated with your hub site. Of course not!! Well, if I am a site owner, I would try to keep things that I have structured in a proper way. So here in this article, we are going to discuss how power automate will help to create an approval flow within the hub site so each time if any site owner tries to associate any site with the hub site that should ask for approval.

Before moving forward let’s understand hub site & why we should associate sites with hub site.

  • Interestingly, a few years back we were struggling with creating lots of site collection & their subsites for “n” number of projects.
  • Somewhere, we end up creating lot of site collections even for a small company. For example-If, my team (let’s say team size is 3) initiates a new project they go on & start creating a new site collection based on “n” number of projects.
  • However, when team wants to associate or link the site to its department site there is something that is not possible. This is where hub site works.

Hub site allows to connect to associated site collections created within the same department. Let say my team is ‘HR’ & this team handles project related to learning development, talent acquisition, recruitment, benefits, compensation & lot more. Hub sites allow you to register one of your sites as hub site and associate all sites to navigation under one hub. This is something where in one place we find all the sites related to one department.

Moving next, let's understand how we can stop other site owners to associate irrelevant sites to hub sites.

Step 1

Go to the site which you register as a hub site. Click on Gear icon on top and click hub site settings.

Step 2

Enable the switch for “Require Approval for associated sites to join” & click on create button for approval flow.

Step 3

Click on Continue & enter approver id and click create.

Step 4

It creates a flow on the backend for you.

Step 5

You can also visit the power automate & under cloud flow you can find this flow created by default. You can change/edit the conditions or logic as per your requirement under start an approval step & click save after making desired changes.

Restrict Other Site Owners To Associate Sites With Hub Sites Using Power Automate

This approval flow sends email to the approver(hub owner) each time whenever other site owner request for association of sites with hub sites.


Once the flow is set up, when other site owner tries to associate their site with hub site, the hub owner will receive a request for approval via email. If it is approved the site will be associated with hub site and the requestee will get an email saying your request is approved. This restricts unauthorized sites to get associated with hub site & maintains site standards.

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