Saving Email Attachments In SharePoint


Today, I have come across aninteresting use case, where a user wants to save the email attachments to SharePoint document libraries. The file has to be updated regularly. This can be easily achieved in minutes using Power Automate. MSFT has already provided the template for the same. To do these steps you need to have a minimum of E1 licenses allocated to your user account.


Step 1

Login to using your organization credentials.

Step 2

On the home page, search for templates with the keyword ‘save attachments in SharePoint’.

Saving Email Attachments in SharePoint

Step 3

Select the second one that says ‘Save my email attachments to a SharePoint document library.

Step 4

It opens up the design template. Configure this template to your needs. At first, configure the email trigger by selecting the folder ‘Inbox’ (since I want to monitor my inbox) and I am interested in emails from a specific service account. You can configure the ‘From’ field to any incoming email address.

Saving Email Attachments in SharePoint

Step 5

Update the variable ‘isFromFilterApplied’ to ‘true’.

Step 6

Update the condition with variable ‘IsFromFilterApplied’ to ‘true’.

Step 7

Inside the ‘Yes’ condition update the ‘From’ address to the email ID of the incoming email address. I have updated to the email ID of the service account here.

Saving Email Attachments in SharePoint

Step 8

Inside the yes condition for the ‘From’ email expand the ‘Loop’. The only values that need to be updated here are ‘Site Name’ and the ‘Folder Path’. For the rest of the values, leave it default.

Step 9

For simplicity, you can delete the loop inside the right block.

Saving Email Attachments in SharePoint

Step 10

Finally save the flow. If needed you can rename the flow to your needs at the top right side.

Saving Email Attachments in SharePoint

Step 10 Save and test the flow.

If got stuck, you can refer to the attached flow templates and compare them with your design. 


I have sent the email from the service account and it saves the file in the SharePoint document library. Note that if the filename already exists, then it basically overwrites the existing version.

Saving Email Attachments in SharePoint


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