Send Reminder Email Using Power Automate Flow

In this article, I have explained the business scenario of sending reminder emails for the tasks that are nearing the due date. You can try this approach for any type of reminder email. In this case, I have created a SharePoint list using the Work Progress template. Next thing is to create the Power Automate flow to send the reminder email.

Here are the detailed steps for creating the workflow,

Step 1

Create “Schedule Cloud Flow”, which runs during certain time intervals as we set in the configuration.

Step 2

To specify the configuration for the flow.

Step 3

Adding steps in Flow, configure the recurrence criteria. Click on the “…” to find the additional options.

Click on the “Settings” button to configure the Time Interval and Frequency.

Step 4

Add a new step for SharePoint list to “Get Items” that are matching the criteria of “Due Date” nearing in 3 days from the current date. To achieve this, we can make use of the “Filter Query” option as shown below,

The first formula that compares “Due Date” greater or equals (ge) with the current date (utcnow).

Second formula that compares “Due Date” less than (lt) with the current date (utcnow) + 3.

Step 5

Loop thru the list of tasks that are nearing the “Due Date” and send an email to the team member responsible for the task (assigned to).

After the selection of “Apply to each”, from the Dynamic content select the value for the output from previous steps.

Then choose an operation for sending email.

In the Send an email (V2) action, we can configure To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Body, and Attachments also.

You can also include the link for the task in the email by selecting “Link to item”.

The below example has all the parameters filled.

Step 6

After completion, you can save, check the Flow and finally test it.

On clicking the “Test” it shows the “Test Flow” pop-up. You can select the “Manually” option and click on the “Save & Test” button.


Finally, we got the email after the successful execution of the Schedule Flow.