Set Up ⚙️ Angular 7 Beta On Windows, Linux, And Mac 💻

The merits behind the use of Angular

  • It supports the MVC concept.
  • It always supports SPA applications.
  • It supports unit testing very easily.
  • It is open source.


  • Node
  • Npm
  • Angular CLI
  • TypeScript
  • Visual Studio code

Set up for Angular 7

Angular is an open source project which can be freely used, modified, and shared by others. Angular is developed by Google. Angular is a TypeScript based front-end web application platform. Before going through this session, please visit my previous sessions related to Angular 7 application. 

Steps to check the installation of Node and NPM

To verify the versions of Node and NPM, you have to execute the following 2 commands using the Command Prompt window. Make sure you are running the Command Prompt as an administrator.

  • node -v
  • npm –v

Installing Angular CLI

Angular CLI is a command line tool that helps us create Angular applications quickly and easily. Execute the following command and it will install the latest version.

npm install -g @angular/cli

Open the browser and type to check if you have installed Angular CLI successfully.

TypeScript Installation

Open the command prompt and type the following command.

npm install –g typescript,
This will install TypeScript on your system. Now, type tsc --version in the command prompt to check the version of TypeScript installed.

Steps to be followed

Step 1
For Angular 7, type the below command to install Angular 7 globally on your machine.
npm i -g @angular/cli
Then, type the below command to check if Angular CLI is correctly installed or not.
ng version
As you see, we have Angular 7.0.5 installed but not the beta version. Let's see next steps how to achieve it.
Step 2
Install Angular 7 Beta globally on the machine. Open the terminal and type the below command.
npm i @angular/cli@next -g 
It allows installing Angular 7 Beta version globally (-g stands for globally) on our machine.
For Linux or Mac, we should add sudo to grant the installation permission. 
sudo npm i @angular/cli@next -g
Now, the Angular 7 Beta version (7.3.0-beta.0) is installed on our machine, as shown in below image.
Then, type the below command to check if Angular CLI Beta version is correctly installed or not.
ng version

Features of Angular 7 Beta version in detail

  • Angular Compatibility Compiler (ngcc) is used to convert the node_modules.
  • It includes bug fixes as in Bazel; compile_strategy() is now used to build Angular code using ngc or ngtsc. 
  • compile_strategy() is included in Angular 7 beta version. 
  • Angular 7 beta version is enabled with better error handling for @output in cases.
  • The reference() (r()) instead of closures takes a nesting level, and the local index of ref then walks the view tree to find the accurate view and it stores the local ref.w. from that path. 
  • TView.components are used to host element indices.
  • It enables g3 BUILD rules.
  • It allows ivy testing in g3.
  • The parent contexts instead of template functions are used to get rid of the need to create multiple function instances for loops that are nested inside other loops.
  • Template functions are not implemented in Ivy.


In this write-up, we have learned how to -
  • Install Angular 7 Beta globally on Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Check if Angular CLI Beta is correctly installed or not
  • Check if different packages of Angular CLI are installed with Beta version

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