Set Up Environment For SharePoint Spaces - Step By Step Series - Part Two


Welcome to SharePoint Spaces step by step series. You are reading the second part of this article series. During this article, we will learn how we can set up the environment for SharePoint Spaces.
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During this article, we will cover the following things. The same article is available in the form of vLog.
  • Activate Feature for SharePoint Space
  • Create SharePoint Space Environment
  • What is Structure in SharePoint Space?
So, now let’s get started!
Step 1 - Build a modern SharePoint Team site or Communication site
  • SharePoint spaces work perfectly with the modern SharePoint Team site or communication site.
  • Microsoft recommends using SharePoint Space with the Communication site. The reason is, communication site provides more room space for the Space structure as it doesn’t have left navigation in place.
  • During this entire session series, we have added all the web parts to the modern communication site.
Step 2 - Activate Spaces(preview) site Feature
Go to Site Settings and click on Manage site features
Make sure, you activate the Spaces feature.
Once we enable the feature we will be able to create a Space page to the SharePoint Space.
Step 3 - Create a Space Page
From Home, click on + icon and create New Space Page.
Provide Space name, description, and choose any structure and click on Create button.
This will create stunning SharePoint Space for your environment.
Tip- What is Structure in SharePoint Space?
SharePoint Space structure provides a place where we can add our different 360° videos, 360° images, 3D Objects, Images, videos, etc. Structure creates a boundary around our SharePoint Space.
OOTB 6 structures are supported at this moment.
  • Gallery
  • Amphitheater
  • Arch
  • Terrace
  • Geodome
  • Spiral
Step 4 - Set Up Environment for SharePoint Space Page:
Click on Space design
This will open the setting option for Space design.
Here, we need to configure the following properties:
Details section: Change space name and description.
Structure: Select any structure as you wish.
Theme: Select Dark or Light Theme
Background: We have the following options to set a background.
  • Image
    OOTB different backgrounds are provided here.

  • Illustration
    The illustration is like a decoration where we need to select from two options and we can choose a color for our illustration.

  • Background Color
    This is a plane background with different color options.

  • Custom 360° file
    We can upload any 360° Image file.

For Image, it provides us two options to set the images,
  • Height
  • Rotation
Also, still, the image is not displaying properly then select 360° image format by clicking on “Image does not display correctly?” option.
Here, we have two options.
If the camera you used to capture the 360° video was a single lens camera which was placed on a rig or ring formation to make a circle, select Monoscopic.
If the camera you used to capture the 360° video was two cameras for each field of view, select Stereoscopic.
We set a custom 360° image file and it will look like the following.
Set a Welcome message in the form of an audio file when the user will open the Space page.
Without Sound, any Mixed Reality concept is incomplete. Select Ambience sound from the provided options.
So, this is how we can create a SharePoint Space and prepare the environment for our space page.


This is how we can set up a SharePoint Space environment. In the next article, we will learn, how we can add the web part to the SharePoint Space page. Stay connected with me for the next article!
Happy SharePoint Spacing!!!