Set Up Viva Connections For Mobile - Introducing Viva Connections Dashboard


During this session, we will discuss how we can set up Viva Connections Dashboard for mobile and desktop layout. 


To set up Viva Connections, hope the following prerequisites have been fulfilled!

  1. Setting Up Communication Site as Home Site
  2. Setting Up Global Navigation

Now, let’s get started and create Viva Connections Dashboard.

  1. Click on setting gear and select “Setup Viva Connections”.

  2. Click on “Create Dashboard”.

  3. This will provide us with dedicated UI to design desktop and mobile layouts!

  4. At this moment, we can add three types of cards on the dashboard – Assigned Tasks, Teams app, and Weblink

Now, let’s explore each card in detail.

Assigned Tasks

This card represents all Planner tasks to the current users. 

  1. To add the “Assigned Tasks” card, add “Assigned Task”.
  2. We can also manage Card Size and Audience Targeting by configuring properties.

Teams App

If we want to add any Teams App as a part of the dashboard, we can use this card.

  1. Add “Teams” app card.

  2. Choose the Teams app you want to add.


This will add Web URL with Thumbnail. 

  1. Add “Weblink” card.

  2. Choose card size. Add Link, Card Title, and card description. Choose Thumbnail and Card icon.

  3. Publish all changes!

Now, we will check how we can set up viva connections in Teams as an app. So, let’s get started!

  1. Open Microsoft Teams Admin Center
  2. Expand Teams app and click on Manage apps. Search for “Viva Connections”

  3. Click on Customize and fill in all the information. Click on Apply. Allow the app to use at the organizational level

  4. Click on “Setup Policies” and select “Global”

  5. Add apps and search for “Viva Connection” and choose the app you want to add in Teams.

  6. The Viva Connections app will be available in the Pinned app section. We can change the app position from here!

The above procedure will take around 24 hours to reflect the app in the Team home. Once, it is available, this will look like the below screen.

The same viva connection screen looks like the following image on mobile.


This is how we can easily set up Viva Connections and add the Viva connections app in Microsoft Teams. Isn’t it amazing?