Setting Up An Add-On Portal

In my previous post, I shared the advantages and details of the Add-On portal. Moving ahead, I will share the detailed steps to assist you with configuring and setting up an Add-On portal.


  1. Primarily, one needs to configure the instance of Dynamics CRM as shared in the post and then, the journey for setting up a portal will be started.

  2. You need to click and open the Applications tab under the Admin Center of Dynamics CRM.

    Setting Up An Add-On Portal

  3. Click on the Portal Add-On followed by a click on the MANAGE icon. Fill in the required information and you need to make a decision based upon the prospective audience for the portal, as the templates are shared with the user based on the selected audience.

    Setting Up An Add-On Portal

  4. It takes almost 2-3 hours for the portal to get configured in the Dynamics CRM application and hosted over the URL which has been configured by us.

Classification of Portals based upon the audience

The audience of the portal can be classified into three major categories based on their login.
  1. Customer
  2. Employee
  3. Partner
Customer Portal
This enables the customer, which basically enables the “Contact” records, to log into the portal and take up the required action. Once we opt for the audience as “Customer”, then based upon the same, Microsoft offers three other preconfigured templates - forum for ideas, complaints, and cases.
Employee Portal
This enables the System Users of Dynamics CRM to log into the portal and take the required actions based upon their subsequent roles and permissions granted. It can be something like an HR portal where HR can undertake the discussion with employees.
Partner Portal
This enables “Accounts” along with contacts to log into the portal and empowers them to take subsequent actions including working over opportunities, reassigning, and sharing prospected leads with other partners based on permissions.
Apart from the above, we do have other portals including -
  • Project Service Automation Portal
  • Field Service Portal
  • Event Portal
And much more is updated at regular intervals.