SharePoint Online - Creating Calendar App And Synchronize A SharePoint Online Calendar With Outlook

I am writing about how to synchronize a SharePoint Online Calendar with Outlook 2013 or 2016.

Syncing the SharePoint online calendar with Outlook will make it easier to add meeting or any events and any events, adding or syncing with outlook is easier process instead of going to SP online site and List and updating the same to all.

Here, we just need to sync with SharePoint Online Calendar to Outlook, then add your events meeting etc. Automatically, it will take an update to SPO calendar list as well.

Today, I am going to describe about how to do so for step by step with the screenshots.

First, we need to know to how to add Calendar List to SharePoint Online site.

The steps are given below to add Calendar app to SharePoint Online site.

  • Creating a Calendar app
    Open the site with the valid user A/c and password, followed by clicking on gear box from right side of page at top corner, followed by Contents and click add an app.

  • Once done, it will take us to site contents page. Here, we need to find the app Calendar from search box and click on the icon.

  • Now, assign the name, which you want to give to your calendar app and click Create.

Enable Versioning

  • To enable versioning, open the List (Calendar). Go to the CALENDAR tab and click on ‘List Settings’ in the Settings ribbon group.

  • New Window will open. Here, we will get an option called Versioning settings. Click on the link ‘Versioning settings’.

  • In the Versioning Settings Window, select the radio button yes to create a version each time, you edit an item in this list.

  • Click OK.

Add a New Event in the Calendar. If you are creating first time Event Calendar, then you must be excited to see how to add the new events in the calendar

To create an event

  • Click on the add icon, which appears when you hover over the date, then double click in the date.

  • Fill out the entries and click Save.

Add a Calendar app to a page

  • If the customer needs to display the calendar to the site page itself, we can add calendar app, using add a Web part.

  • Just open the page, where you want to add Calendar page, select page ribbon and click on edit page. Similarly we can do by selecting site setting page and edit page from gear box on the right side corner.

  • Place the mouse cursor, where you want to add a calendar.

  • Open the ‘INSERT’ tab and click Web Part.

  • Select your newly created Calendar app and click Add.

  • Now, click on save the page.

Synchronize a SharePoint Online Calendar with Outlook

  • Open created Calendar app on SP Online page. Once it will open, click Calendar ribbon page and we can see an option called Connect to Outlook will be available

  • Just click on the Connect to Outlook and it will ask for a permission to open Outlook.

  • Click Yes and it will open in Outlook. It will prompt us to add the user account and password; enter the user account, password and click on calendar option in Outlook, which is shown in the screenshot given below.

  • Now, everything is done. We can see two Outlook calendars. On Outlook, we can uncheck unwanted from here and select, which we require.

  • Just add any of the event or meeting here or on the list of SPO site and it will take an effect i.e. either updating from Outlook or Office 365 SPO calendar list.