SharePoint Online/ Office 365: Picture Library Slideshow Web Part


We are working on one of the SharePoint migration project, migrating from SharePoint on-premises 2010 to SharePoint online. In 2010 we have one custom slide show web part where we were storing the images in Images library and using jQuery and with custom coding we have implemented the slide show web part.

Since we are migrating to SharePoint online, we need to get rid of custom coding and also somehow didn't liking the approach of using jQuery.


In SharePoint 2013 there is new web part as one of the new feature called “Picture Library Slideshow Web Part” under “Media and Content” category as,

         Figure 1 : Picture Library Slideshow Web Part

Once we added the web part on the page, we need to select the Picture Library in “Picture Library” properties as in the following figure:

Figure 2 : Properties of Picture Library Slide show web part

In web part properties, if “Picture Library” drop-down appears empty then it seems that there is no Picture Library is available on the site. You can create your own Picture library using the “Picture Library” app by using following steps,

  1. Go to the Site Settings, then View All Site Content as,

                Figure 3 : Site contents

  2. Click on “add an app” link shown as,

    add an app
                                        Figure 4 : "add an app" link

  3. Search for “Picture Library” as ,

    Picture Library
                                              Figure 5 : Picture library search app

  4. Click on “Picture Library” app and please enter the Name for your picture library. Picture library will be created for us.

  5. Then this new Picture Library name will be appear in “Picture Library” drop down - web part property of Picture Library Slideshow web part as shown in Fig. 2

Important Point

Picture Library Slideshow web part only show the images from the Picture Libraries and not from the other image libraries like “Images” or “Site Collection Images” or “Asset Libraries“

But having this web part in place is very helpful specially for SharePoint  Online so that neither need to depend on custom implementation nor need to depend on JQuery.

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