SignalR AutoReconnect in ASP.NET Core


In the world of web applications, real-time communication has become an indispensable feature. Whether it's a chat application, live updates, or collaborative editing tools, users expect seamless and uninterrupted connectivity. ASP.NET Core SignalR is a powerful framework that simplifies real-time communication, and with the introduction of the AutoReconnect feature, it becomes even more resilient.

In this article, we will explore SignalR's AutoReconnect feature in ASP.NET Core with examples to understand how it can ensure continuous connectivity in the face of network disruptions.

What is SignalR?

SignalR is a real-time communication library for ASP.NET Core that simplifies adding real-time web functionality to applications. It enables the server to push content to connected clients in real time, allowing developers to create highly interactive and responsive web applications.

Some common use cases for SignalR.

  • Chat applications
  • Live notifications and updates
  • Online gaming
  • Collaborative document editing

SignalR abstracts the underlying complexity of real-time communication, making it easier for developers to focus on application logic.

The Need for AutoReconnect

Real-time applications need to maintain continuous connectivity to provide a seamless user experience. However, in the real world, network disruptions are inevitable. Users might switch between Wi-Fi and mobile networks, encounter temporary outages, or experience other network issues. These disruptions can lead to broken connections between clients and servers, causing a frustrating experience for users.

This is where AutoReconnect comes into play. It's a feature introduced in SignalR that automatically attempts to reconnect when the connection is lost due to network issues. It saves developers from having to implement custom reconnection logic and ensures that clients stay connected as long as possible.

Setting Up a SignalR Hub

Before we dive into AutoReconnect, let's set up a basic SignalR hub. First, create an ASP.NET Core web application or use an existing one.

Install the SignalR package

dotnet add package Microsoft.AspNetCore.SignalR

Create a SignalR hub

using Microsoft.AspNetCore.SignalR;

public class ChatHub : Hub
    public async Task SendMessage(string user, string message)
        await Clients.All.SendAsync("ReceiveMessage", user, message);

In this example, we've created a simple chat hub with a SendMessage method that broadcasts messages to all connected clients.

Register the hub in your Startup.cs

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // ...

public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IWebHostEnvironment env)
    // ...
    app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>
        // ...

Using AutoReconnect

To enable AutoReconnect, you can set the ReconnectPolicy when configuring the SignalR connection in your JavaScript client code.

Here's an example using JavaScript with the SignalR JavaScript client library.

const connection = new signalR.HubConnectionBuilder()
    .withAutomaticReconnect() // Enable AutoReconnect

connection.on("ReceiveMessage", (user, message) => {
    // Handle received messages

// Start the connection
connection.start().catch(err => console.error(err));

By adding .withAutomaticReconnect(), you enable AutoReconnect. This means that if the connection is lost due to a network issue, SignalR will automatically attempt to reconnect without any extra coding on your part.

Handling Events During Reconnect

You can also hook into events during the reconnection process to perform custom actions. For example, you can listen for the reconnecting and reconnected events:

connection.onreconnecting(error => {
    console.assert(connection.state === signalR.HubConnectionState.Reconnecting);
    console.log("Reconnecting...", error);

connection.onreconnected(connectionId => {
    console.assert(connection.state === signalR.HubConnectionState.Connected);
    console.log("Reconnected with connectionId:", connectionId);

These events allow you to display user-friendly messages or take other actions as the connection attempts to reconnect.


SignalR's AutoReconnect feature in ASP.NET Core simplifies the implementation of robust and resilient real-time applications. It ensures that your clients stay connected even in the face of network disruptions, providing a seamless user experience.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily set up a SignalR hub and enable AutoReconnect in your application, making real-time communication more reliable and user-friendly. This feature is invaluable for any application that relies on real-time updates and ensures that your users can stay connected no matter what network challenges they encounter.

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